LANSING — Storm On Demand, the cloud hosting arm of the Lansing managed hosting provider Liquid Web, said Monday it had re-engineered its technology to make Windows available on its platform.

The announcement comes a week after Storm’s unveiling of a Solid State Cloud storage product.

Users of Storm On Demand using Microsoft Windows Cloud Hosting will note its speed and performance as well as the ability to use ASP and .Net scripts, integrated functionality characteristics and enhanced development of searchable databases.

In addition to the benefits of Windows, the integrated platform will also include features that Storm On Demand users have found useful, such as load balancing, automated server deployment on demand, hourly pay-as-you-go billing, clone and resize options, private networking, availability of multiple geographic regions, cloud attached firewalls and a user-friendly management console.

“Our goal is to give users a customer experience that is second to none,” said Liquid Web founder and CEO Matthew Hills. “Our persistent development and re-engineering of Storm On Demand to make additional products and platforms available is in direct response to suggestions echoed to us by our customers. With Windows Cloud Hosting, we are opening our Storm On Demand, already one of the industry’s highest performance options, to an entirely new audience and a litany of exciting new features. I am certain that Windows users will be just as pleased as we are by the results.”

Windows Cloud Hosting packages are available at competitive prices in both Storm On Demand Hosting Regions, US West (Arizona) and US Central (Michigan), and on Storm Server, Storm SSD, and Bare Metal Servers configurations. As of the release date, Storm On Demand continues to add options and features to Storm Windows Cloud Hosting.

Liquid Web Inc. is a privately held managed Web hosting company founded in 1997, with three wholly owned data centers in Lansing. In 2010 Liquid Web opened a software development office in Scottsdale, Ariz. Liquid Web has more than 20,000 clients served in more than 120 countries.

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