Matt Dery: Pistons Fans Would Never Act Like This

Last night was supposed to be a special night at the Oracle in Oakland. It did not turn out that way. The Golden State Warriors had a jersey retirement at halftime of their game with the Timberwolves for former all-star guard and team executive Chris Mullin. #17 was a god out in the Bay Area and was a member of the “Run TMC” Warriors back in the early 1990s. Mullin, Mitch Richmond, and Tim Hardaway were a high scoring trio that Warriors fans just adored and since then, Golden State has never seen anything like it.

Fast forward to last night. Warriors legends all in the arena for the ceremony, including the likes of Richmond and Rick Barry. Former St John’s teammate of Mullin’s, Mark Jackson, also was a part of the festivities and is the current head coach of the Warriors. This should have been a special night. After Mullin gave his speech, the emcee of the night, Greg Papa, handed the microphone to team owner Joe Lacob, who bought the club in July of 2010. Warriors fans apparently were not thrilled with Mr. Lacob getting his chance to speak. Here is the video.

Lacob just recently approved the trade of popular guard Monta Ellis to Milwaukee. The team has floundered the last two years, despite packing Oracle Arena every single night. Should the fans have been this ruthless to Lacob? Did this ruin Mullin’s special night? You be the judge.

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  • Brian S.

    Not to this extent, Detroit does have more class than this. But Pistons fans did boo Mrs. Davidson at the Dennis Rodman Jersey Retirement, and Rodman apologized during his speech…

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  • Tim S.

    Word to ownership, never speak to your crowd unless you’ve just: A) won a championship B) acquired a meg-a-star or C) Promise to buy them all drinks! Wait, didn’t a local politician do that once…never mind.

  • Artajerjes

    Amen! I am SHOCKED sometimes by the octnuer-productive policies of extreme conservatives, and the unfortunate fact that there are a good number of LDS individuals who fall into that category. I work for 2-1-1 Information and Referral in Utah County (a help line for individuals looking for community resources; kind of like 4-1-1 but for non-profits and government agencies). One of my co-workers was told/reprimanded, when asking why Planned Parenthood isn’t listed as one of the agencies we give referrals to (since it is supposed to be comprehensive), that in Utah County we are prohibited to refer anyone to Planned Parenthood, and even if they ask specifically we cannot give any information or even suggest other ways they could find out that information. In case our donors and supporters catch wind of such an offense It’s horrifying to me. There are so many important services offered by PP, but because of the abortion issue everything else is entirely ignored, to the detriment of many. A friend of mine works with refugees and victims of human trafficking, and PP is sometimes the only source available to her clients for medical attention at all. (Which delves into some other issue with our health care system and resources available to refugees and trafficked persons). But the point is, PP does really great things in our community and throughout our country. I just wish people weren’t blind to that!Thanks for the post!

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