There are a ton of ridiculous things you can spend your money on.  There are a ton of silly things to buy on the Internet.  First Forecast Mornings director Tony Chiudioni is king of finding these novelty items.  This morning he found a creepy cellphone case!

Ever wish you can hold your loved one’s hand while talking to them?  This will help you “feel” like you’re doing just that. It is called the “Hand Case” for iPhone 4/4S.

The manufacturer “applauds” this device as being a great way to hold your phone.  It comes in a regular hand, women’s or children’s hands.  They even brag about the lines on the palm… for all you palm readers.

It is made in Japan and costs about $62.  The company warns customers none of the hands are alike since they are “hand-made.”  Plus, the hand covers the camera on the iPhone, so you have to take it off to take a picture.

Here is the link for more details:


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