DETROIT (WWJ) – Governor Rick Snyder is spending the week overseas in Germany and Italy, hoping to bring back souvenirs in the form of jobs and investment money for the state.

Speaking live on WWJ Newsradio 950 Tuesday morning, Snyder said he’s talked to several companies that have expressed interest in doing business with Michigan.

Listen to the full interview:

“It was more about how to learn about doing more business in the United States and how we might be helpful to them. We had an opportunity to talk about how we’ve reformed our tax system, our regulatory system, all the good things we’ve done in terms of creating a better state to do business in and they were very excited by those things,” said Snyder.

“People are doing their homework and they’re getting more excited about coming to Michigan. So, I feel very good that we’re going to be able to land a number of good companies coming to Michigan and do it in a better way than we used it,” he continued.

The Governor is expected to return to Michigan on Saturday, just two days before a 10 member state review team has to if there’s a financial emergency in Detroit.

Snyder said the state’s proposed consent agreement for Detroit is about helping with guiding the city’s finances, and insists the mayor and city council will still get to do much of what they were elected to do. He also welcomes the counter-proposal being crafted by city leaders.

“I think it’s good to get some feeback. Again, that was always the intention. We asked them to give us feedback more than a week ago and we’re still waiting to get that opportunity. So, I’m looking forward to seeing what they put together so we can have a chance to respornd and hopefully sit down and talk through it,” he said.

Detroit faces a $197 million budget deficit and could run out of cash by the end of May.


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