JACKSON (WWJ) – Jackson County employees could be the first among municipal employees in Michigan allowed to carry concealed weapons to work.

County Policy Committee Chairman David Elwell said they’re considering allowing employees to carry in some of the buildings where they work . He said the policy change makes sense, since current law allows citizens to carry concealed weapons, with a licence, in certain public buildings

“It just seemed kind of out of whack that employees would be prohibited in carrying in places like that and yet the general public, with a CPL (Common Public License), can walk into those same meetings and same rooms or Treasure’s Office or anywhere else where employees would be prohibited from doing that,” said Elwell.

Elwell. said, when asked, 7 county employees said they would carry to work if they were allowed to do so.

Elwell, who is also chief of police in Columbia Township in Jackson County, said concealed weapons, even with a license, would still be off-limits in court rooms, youth centers and certain other buildings, per current state and/or federal laws.

Jackson County Commissioners were expected to vote on the issue Tuesday night.  If approved, Elwell said the change would affect county employees only.

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  1. Mark says:

    I believe they should, anyone who is willing to jump through the hoops to get a CCW should be allowed to carry it anywhere to protect themselves from those who ignore the law.
    I work for the US Postal service and they won’t even let us leave it in our vehicles.
    This is outrageous because they put up a new facility in a bad section of Pontiac leaving us wide open if someone tried to do us harm on our way to or from work,
    several of our contract drivers have been robbed and trucks shot up,
    one of our mechanics was followed all the way up to the gate by a suspected “crash and rob” where they crash into your car then rob you when you get out to check for damage.
    Most of us are veterans, we are responsible citizens and many of us were trusted with far more than what’s available to civilians, the Navy trusted me with a secret clearance, a 30 million dollar aircraft and a pilots life and now they don’t want to trust me with a handgun????
    Restore to these people the right to protect themselves, they won’t let us down.
    not to mention that it will reduce the odds of someone shooting the place up if they know there are those who will return fire.

    Hasn’t anyone noticed that all of the mass shootings happened in “Gun Free Zones” where the killer knows nobody can shoot back.
    these nut cases look at a sign that says “no Guns” but to them it says “Open Season”.

  2. JJ says:

    I don’t know who wrote this article but you’re obviously not a CPL holder. becasue if you were you ‘d know its a Concealed Pistol License. People also call it a CCW Permit (Carry Concealed Weapons) but it’s called a CPL in Michigan and only valid for carrying of a firearm.

    Before you make up acronyms next time, check your facts.

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