Hansen Clarke believes that the fiscal health of Detroit is just too important for Washington not to step in and do something and he spoke with Charlie Langton about his thoughts.

What can be done for Detroit? According to Clarke, they could look at a number of options including a federal refinancing of debt, low-interest loans, etc. And what does Clarke think of financial experts coming in and helping fix the city’s finances? He doesn’t believe these experts are doing the correct things. He points to the work of the emergency financial managers that have taken over Detroit Public Schools. Clarke says those people haven’t done a good job paying down the debt and improving learning. They’ve closed schools which may have saved some money but at the expense of devastating the neighborhoods where they were located.

Clarke believes the city, state and Washington need to work together to find good solutions. Charlie asked Clarke what he would do to turn the city around if he were mayor. After a long pause, he offered his plan. Hear it and more by listening to the interview below:

Clarke Part 1

Clarke Part 2

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