Today on the Valenti and Foster show (with Jamie Samuelsen sitting in for a vacationing Valenti) — the topic came up about who has the better legacy in college sports: Bo Schembechler or Tom Izzo?

Schembechler coached Michigan from 1969-1989 where his record was 194-48-5. He coached the Wolverines to nine Rose Bowl appearances while winning two of them. The Wolverines also appeared in the Orange Bowl, Gator Bowl, Sugar Bowl and Fiesta Bowl. The highest a Michigan team ranked under Schembechler was 2nd in the 1985 season when the team went 10-1-1 and won the Fiesta Bowl.

Izzo has coached Michigan State 1995 to the present, and led the Spartans to a 412-168 record. Izzo’s teams have reached the Final Four 6 times, winning the National Championship in the 1999-2000 season.

After looking at each coaches’ resume and what they have done for their university, who has the better legacy? Vote below.

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  1. Don Stein says:

    Mike and Terry, your show is the greatest out there, and I seriously cannot go a day without it, and if any of these coneheads that call in have something negative to say, I will back you guys 100 % because you guys always present the knowledge to back up your arguments, keep doing what you are doing, spectacular.

  2. Big AD says:

    Im a die hard Michigan fan but the championship that Izzo got gives him the edge I love Bo but the facts are the facts.

  3. bill says:

    The Bo worship started long after he quit being a football coach. For those of you who are too young to remember, there was a substantial contingent of Michigan fans that called for Bo to get fired during his career. While some of those who worship Bo are older, most people who scoff at a comparison between the two never actually saw Bo coach a game. All they know is the legacy.

    The comparison can’t really be made until there is an entire generation of MSU fans who never saw Izzo coach and only know the legend. So, let’s revisit this in 40 or 50 years.

  4. William Bailey says:

    Izzo has a national championship and was very close a number of other times. Neither can be said of Bo.

  5. Joey G. says:

    What a question! Wouldn’t that be the same as asking “Which is sweeter, candy or ice-cream?” They’ve both built a legacy that would be next to impossible to surpass.

  6. Dave T. says:

    Izzo – no question. GO GREEN!!!

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