DETROIT (WWJ) – It was two years ago that the Health Care Reform bill was signed into law and a big rally was held outside the McNamara Federal Building Friday opposing it on religious grounds.

Pro-life groups organized rallies nationwide to protest a mandate that requires employers to provide contraceptives, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs through their health plans.

Father Steve Pullis of St. Joseph’s Catholic Parish in Lake Orion spoke at the rally:

“It’s not for our government to decide which tenets of our faith are essential and which ones can be brushed aside, and we should not have to ask our government for permission, or for an exemption to follow our own consciences,” said Pullis.

John McAlpine of Dearborn says it’s an attack against the Catholic Church.

“Everyone knows that the church is against contraception and abortion and this would force the church to lose its hospitals and universities,” said McAlpine.


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