By i) Pat Caputo

1. The Spartans ultimately depended too much on one player, Draymond Green.
2. Rick Pitino outcoached Tom Izzo. Louisville was better prepared in every way, including emotionally.
3. Big Ten basketball is overrated and the Big East underrated. Yes. Even this season.

Do you disagree with any of these reasons — or have your own theories about what happened? ¬†Let us know below in comments.

Comments (2)
  1. matt says:

    i agree with 1 and 2 but not 3

  2. Bob says:

    State did rely too much on Green but it worked for a vast majority of the year.
    Tom Izzo was not out-coached but his players were outplayed. Louisville had the energy needed to win the game and State had a bad shooting game similar to the loss at Illinois earlier in the year. Unfortunately, you can’t afford to have a bad game in the Tournament.
    I do not believe the Big Ten is over-rated nor the Big East under-rated. It’s a toss-up which conference is better this year.
    Bottom-line, Nix and Payne didn’t handle Lousiville’s center very well. State isn’t a very good outside shooting team and with limited inside presence, it’s offense stalled. I still believe if State played Louisville 10 times, they would win 6 or 7 of them.

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