SALINE — Saline-based Sensors Inc., a manufacturer of portable emissions measurement systems, said Monday that Napro Electronics Industrial Ltd. has signed a distribution agreement with Sensors, and will be distributing the Semtech product line in South America.

Napro has been a customer for Sensors’ Inspection and Maintenance solutions for over 15 years. They have provided test cell solutions for Latin American vehicle manufacturers for over two decades, including a recent “shed” solution for Volkswagen. Under the new agreement, Napro will now also distribute Sensors’ PEMS equipment.   “Napro has been involved with sales and service of test cell instrumentation for over 20 years, and is clearly recognized as a superb provider,” said Rob Wilson, Sensors’ vice president of sales and marketing. “This step marks a major move into the Latin American market, which offers a significant opportunity for the Semtech product line, including our latest generation of the products, Ecostar and Lasar.”

Napro specializes in the design, assembly, installation, and maintenance of industrial automation equipment. In addition, the company provides programming services and laboratory equipment installation and maintenance, having installed and supported over 1,500 gas analyzers. The company, located in Sao Paulo, Brazil, serves the automotive industry in the region.

Sensors Inc. was founded in 1969, and has evolved to become the leader in developing innovative gas analysis technology, primarily for use in the transportation industry. The company has decades of experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of measurement systems that are widely distributed throughout the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Sensors Inc. also provides in-field emissions and fuel-economy testing services covering a wide range of applications including on- and off-road vehicles and equipment, and marine, mining, and power generation systems using internal combustion engines. In 1999, Sensors Inc. acquired Sensors Devices in Germany, ensuring a presence in Europe and expanding its product base to include analyzers for environmental applications.

The company’s emissions measurement solutions are used by government regulatory agencies and universities, as well as engine and vehicle manufacturers in the U.S., Europe and Asia, for the measurement of CO, CO2, NO, NO2, N2O, THC, NMHC, CH4, NH3, O2 and Particulate Mass.

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