DETROIT (WWJ/AP) – More than 50 protesters disrupted a financial review team meeting as they worked to decide if an emergency manager should be named to run Detroit.

Chanting “no consent decree,” “no  take over,” and breaking into verses of “We Shall Overcome,” the crowd Monday essentially stopped State Treasurer Andy Dillon from speaking.

The crowd tried to shout down one man who stood to support more financial oversight.

The board is charged with making a recommendation Monday to Gov. Rick Snyder on whether he should appoint an emergency manager, accept a consent agreement or take no action.

The review team is now forced to meet publicly after an Ingham County Judge ruled their private hearings violated the state’s Open Meetings Act.

Governor Rick Snyder said on Monday that the state and Detroit could have a consent agreement to restructure the city’s long term finances in place sometime this week. Detroit is likely to run out of money in coming months and could end up in bankruptcy if no state action occurs.

Meantime, Congressman Hansen Clarke is trying to get some federal help.

“I’ll be introducing legislation to provide emergency financial relief to the city of Detroit to avoid bankruptcy and to avoid the appointment of an  emergency financial manager,” said Clarke. “The legislation will be based on similar legislation that Congress enacted in the 1970’s to prevent the bankruptcy of New York City.”

Clarke said he’ll need to market the bill as an investment in the city and southeast Michigan, adding that he does realize that any relief he’s able to get for the city will come with strings attached.

WWJ Newsradio 950 will have complete coverage of the financial crisis in a special broadcast at 7 p.m. Monday: “Detroit-City in Crisis,” hosted by WWJ’s Jayne Bower and Vickie Thomas.


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Comments (12)
  1. Racerboy says:

    After seeing this type of disruptive activity occur time and time again, why do we even care what happens to Detroit? This is Coleman Young’s legacy and the residents have done nothing but continue to support liars, thieves and thugs election after election. They deserve exactly what they are getting. I really hope they stand up now, do the right thing, and reach out and accept the desperately needed help that is being offered.

    1. Karen Ferguson says:

      As a so called black detroiter who grew up here & still lives here, u are absolutely right! Black people have run this city……………into the damn ground! They always cry injustice but the citizens are the ones who made this city a big ass mess and expect others to clean it up, even right in front of their own house!

  2. tired says:

    Why are we trying to help those that don’t want our help? Why do we persist in thinking Detroit will change. Let them “overcome” on their own.

    1. Maja says:

      Good for her..TGW is one of the best written TV shows on air right now eiprod HOUSE has been on the decline for the last 3 seasons..What a great move for her. Besides she had no chemistry with House’ in a sexual way boring indeed! I’m not sure wh is writing for this show and running it for that matter but you lost me 3 seasons ago same ole’ same ole’ When House had clinic duty that was good funny stuff 6 minutes per episode every now and then to change things up Everyone made such a big deal about olivia Wilde who cares she’s not all that in fact she’s quite f..cking boring on this show and with anything else I’ve ever seen her in The real talent that they put on the back burner in every episode is Omar Epps how misued is this guy and Robert Leonard?? seriously. They got rid of Anne Dudek another great talent in a great role opposite Leonard..what a waste. This show is done! Good for you Lisa.

  3. marty says:

    There is no excuse for ignorant disruptive behavior. Why don’t they arrest the man threatening to burn Detroit down. No wonder the city is in trouble. They can’t even communicate without violence.

  4. Medgar L. Clark says:

    I was there as one of the fifty, but I am NOT a heckler. I was there as a Detroit citizen standing for democracy. I was there applying my constitutional rights to assemble freely, redress/address government w/ my grievances and most of all expressing freedom of speech. While we sang songs of the Civil Rights Movement/Era, the song that truly applies to this meeting was “I know the one thing we did right, was the day we started to fight, keep your eyes on the prize, hold on hold on….”

    1. Racerboy says:

      And exactly what were you attempting to achieve by being there utilizing your constitutional right of free assembly to disrupt this meeting ? What is it you wanted?

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