DETROIT (WWJ) – Hundreds gathered in Hart Plaza for a peaceful protest over the death of Florida teen Trayvon Martin. Gwen Thomas says the death of the teen gunned down by a neighborhood watch volunteer in a gated community has illuminated the problem of racism in the suburbs, especially metro Detroit.

Thomas is the president of the NAACP’s South Oakland Chapter and says Martin’s death has touched a nerve.

“The children are racially profiled, African Americans we can’t, just exhale when we move to the suburbs – is a whole different set of circumstances, first of all, they don’t want them there. African American boys – the issue goes deep,” said Thomas.

“I don’t want to see this country move toward a racial unrest throughout this country and it feels that – that may happen,” said Thomas.

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  1. Thea says:

    The black vote isn’t going anywhere, and this has noiepttal to turn hispanics against the left (has anyone seen Edward James Olmos lately?).I’d just like to know where the left intends to take this ’cause celebre’ bandwagon. Have hispanics been stripped of their minority status, and all benefit-of-the-doubt that they had been granted? Does the left intend to turn this incident into a gun control movement?This incident is similar to the Yoshihiro Hattori shooting in 1992.

  2. Sheetal says:

    Is it that they want to sell more papers, or get more vrieews, or as in the case with WGBR, get more hits on their new news website? What is it that makes the media rush into these things the way they do.The Duke lacrosse team story should have taught them something…but it didn’t.Even my local small town AM radio station, WGBR 1150, had to get into the act this morning by booking an interview with the president of the North Carolina NAACP who are of course holding rallies to whip up reaction to the incident. The name of the organization tells you that that was going to be an objective conversation.You knew the Rev. Dr. William Barber wasn’t going to address the problems with crime in the area, or Zimmerman being on the ground being pummeled by the little boy with the Skittles, about the broken nose and head wounds suffered by Zimmerman, or the witness who saw the altercation and heard Zimmerman screaming for help.You knew Barber wasn’t going to talk about Zimmerman’s racial associations, a Hispanic with a white father who has black relatives and interacts with blacks regularly.You knew Barber wasn’t going to address the troubled teen’s history as enumerated in the articles below and, shock, there’s even one from ABC News. The others are from local newspapers and the UK.No the NCAAP president didn’t mention those things but then, neither did the WGBR news jock!

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