Prices At The Pump Fluctuating Higher

DETROIT (WWJ) – The price of gas shot up in metro Detroit Tuesday as high as $4.15 to $4.20 a gallon at some gas stations.

Driver Melanie Koerber spoke with WWJ’s Sandra McNeill as she filled up at a Speedway station in Royal Oak.

“Way too high for me, it’s a bit ridiculous now, and costs about $45 to fill up my car, so I’m not to happy about it,” said Koerber.

Koerber says the price of gas is on her mind everyday.

“Try to car pool and ride with friends, and avoid taking too long on trips and thankfully I don’t have an SUV, it’s a real gas guzzler,” said Koerber.

Carl Skeva says the price jump is really hurting his wallet – he pays hundreds out of his own pocket for work related driving.

“I absolutely hate it, I fill up daily, and that much money – I could do all kinds of stuff with it,” said Skeva.

“A lot, it looks like a lot, they’re going to make a big profit,” said another woman at the pump.

By late afternoon, the price at the station was back down to $4.03.

The manager tells WWJ the changes are normal fluctuations dictated by the company.

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  • johnboy6528

    What a joke !! a bunch of lame lies and sorry excuses , these people should be hung, they are ripping us off every day , You haven’t seen nothing yet , Memorial day is coming soon , and watch the price jump again so they can steal more money from us!! A bunch of greedy no account thieves !! Also our idiot governor wants a tax hike on a gallon of gas to fix our lousy roads … Our roads are bad because we use cheap materials to repair or build them , Cmon ppl wake up!!! :(

  • Joeman

    Drill baby drill. Yeah were getting drilled! Never ceases to amaze me that even when oil prices fall, gas goes up. Tax breaks for oil companies should be ended now. Three ton four years ago oil was $150 abarrel and gas was $4.30 a gallon> Why is it over $4.00 now with oil at $107? Would really hate to see what it would cost if there really was an oil “shortage”! Stop exporting gasoline. Build the refinires in China!

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