Who Is Detroit’s Most Inconsistent Player?

By: Doug Karsch

I was thinking about Ben Gordon the other day. When he went off for 45 points against the Denver Nuggets, was anyone really shocked? Not really. When Gordon lights it up, we’re not surprised. When Gordon doesn’t score, we are not surprised.

Isn’t that the definition of inconsistency?

But is Gordon Detroit’s most inconsistent athlete?

Or is it Rick Porcello? The Tiger pitcher who has a month-to-month ERA that last year went from 4.25 to 3.52 to 6.07 to 3.06 to 6.82 to 3.55. Those are real numbers.

Or is it Johan Franzen who despite leading the Red Wings in goals scored we have taken calls from fans who are frustrated with his play? Although I would argue that the nature of hockey, often the best in the game can go several games without registering points.

Vote below: if you chose “none of the above,” please add a name to the comment list.

Thanks for playing.

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