DETROIT — Trayvon Martin was a 17-year-old child. He was visiting his father’s house and stepped outside for a walk to a convenience store and to talk to his equally young girlfriend on the phone. He was armed with nothing more lethal than a bag of candy and a can of Arizona tea priced nationally at a dollar. In this transaction someone fired a cannon into his chest, erasing everything he ever was and rendering everything he ever was going to be theoretical. He was innocent of any crime.

These are the only facts that matter. But luckily this country cannot agree on anything, ever, for any reason. There has to be the “conservative opinion” and the “liberal opinon,” and that chasm has to be wide and barb wired whenever anything is said. It’s a pathetic commentary on what this country has become.

In this case, the conservative opinion needs to be spit on. Why did there need to be ANY contrarian hemming and hawing? Some pigs have even decided to question the “level of coverage” it has received or wondering aloud why the media is “painting this as a tragedy”. Does the fact that an unarmed high schooler was gunned down in his father’s neighborhood not qualify as tragic to you? This case was over for me when I found out Trayvon didn’t have a gun.

Why must this happen? Is it really necessary to lift our collective shirts up and reveal the scars of every single time? What cause was Trayvon representing? Are there really people in this discussion who are talking about people wearing hooded sweatshirts? How is this happening? How does the “Stand your ground” law apply when Trayvon did not have a weapon of any kind?!

It disgusts me to no end that some in this country have anointed themselves as professional contrarians on EVERYTHING. Rather than noting that an armed person shot an unarmed person, we now need devolve into disgusting shouting matches, where people lend their brains to radio talk show hosts and repeat their words zombie-like. They’re channeling thoughts without stopping themselves to realize that everything they are saying is epically stupid. I understand that calling opinions stupid is uncivilized. I don’t care.

The people who should be called on the carpet and yelled at are those who obfuscate this issue. There have been buckets of ink spilled and wagons of words whipped up to describe this emerging case, but all are unnecessary except one: Trayvon was unarmed. Anything Trayvon did up until that day is irrelevant and that goes for Zimmerman, too. When he found out that he shot an unarmed child he became a murderer. There is no reason to shoot someone unless they have a gun or a knife.

There are also COMPLTELY undeniable racial aspects to this case. The casualness of how the police acted in the wake of the murder is abhorrent. The fact that his father was not called is a tragedy. The fact that apparently the police chief overruled the lead investigator on the case is inexcusable.

But we aren’t done. We haven’t finished kicking this completely innocent victim yet. This society has devolved into partisan rancor where no consensus is possible on anything that is ever discussed regardless of the subject. We can’t even agree that Bin Laden’s death was a good thing anymore. We have to take its weight politically. I long for middle ground and negotiation, it used to be there. Even the Supreme Court, the last bastion of policy balls and strikes has been replaced by talk show hopefuls who sell books.

Civility is gone and all that is left is those who simply want to destroy everything. The same people who decry movies and video games for desensitizing fake violence call for patience and understanding when someone chases someone down and blows a hole in their chest. I wonder why we can’t form consensus and negotiate, then I turn on my TV and hear people screaming. I am losing hope. We have people in this world that actually released Trayvon’s school discipline record. They did that when the undeniable heartsink of a mother and father is zoomed in on and questioned for its validity. I don’t care if you are white or black. It would hurt if your walking talking flesh and blood was murdered while unarmed on a street outside your house.

I guess my hope for civility is as dead as the unarmed 17-year-old in Florida.

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  1. Mors Hostibus says:

    Pathetic dribble jammed with misinformation, shlocky pathos, and devoid of the facts. 17 is not a child. Zimmerman was on his back with a broken nose and his head was being bashed into the sidewalk by Martin. Only then was Martin shot. Try to back up your “undeniable racial” comments with facts. You writing is weak, emotional and pointless with no positve direction. Your adolescent style is reflective of your lack of experience. Everyone has to start somewhere but leftist fit throwing is appealing to no one, irrespective of their point of view.

  2. Paul Clos says:

    I agree with the above poster. The coments and so-called discussion that I have heard in the last two days are. nothing more than an attempt at bullying the caller in order to shake the “racial tent”. Leave that to the professionals,Al Sharpton,Jesse (I’m entitled) Jackson, and Spike Lee.

  3. Eric Thomas says:

    Well, Mors, I assume not your real name, what facts do I not provide? Trayvon Martin was unarmed! If Zimmerman had a broken nose, how was there no blood on his shirt? How was his shirt also still tucked in when he arrived at the police station? Where was evidence photo of the abrasion on the back of his head? Oh wait, it wasn’t there.

    You lack the ability to think for yourself, so don’t criticize someone who does. Go find a blog where you can cut and paste your thoughts.

    1. Mike M says:

      Eric… you rock! The rest of you guys, stop watching Faux News… PLEASE! The facts are there… Zimmerman continued to follow Martin after he was told not to. He said he was in a car at first and then somehow he was outside of his car and being approached by Martin?? Hmmm…I think his story has holes in it. What holes? I don’t know but I know one thing, his story is obviously fabricated or at least in parts. The bottom line is this…There is a dead CHILD yes CHILD (I work in a school and legal age in all 50 states in 18!) and this CHILD was unarmed. His brother’s blatant lies about how Martin tried to “disarm” him was garbage. How did Martin know he had a gun, since his Zimmerman’s brother Robert claims it was in his waist. He had to have pulled it out. Then this garbage about Zimmerman being on the ground bloody from these so called lacerations from martin hitting his head against the ground but you don’t see any and he doesn’t go to the hospital or see his family until the next day? Hmmm.. sounds like if you had a broken nose and busted head there would be blood AND the police would have called a paramedic. Again, the story has too many holes in it. The truth always comes to light and it’s a shame someone had to die because an idiot wanted to act like he had big balls and attack a kid! It’s a sad world we live in.

  4. aaron hernandez says:

    That’s the Problem with society. White America sees it as just another black kid dead. No big deal. We’re clearly still living in the 60’s and that’s fine. Zimmerman is a dead man walking though. I won’t be at all remorseful when they find him dead. Hope that new black panther party skins him alive…

  5. Mors Hostibus says:

    not a child at all

    live like a hood
    die like a hood

  6. Mors Hostibus says:

    Obviously you did not learn Latin or you would know the name and to your credit, you are not ashamed of your ignorance being broadcast on the street.
    Your spittle spewing posting and repost is missing inconvenient truths which are critical.
    IMPORTANT: why would you omit them….two choices: too lazy and too stupid to use Google or you are attempting to deceive…typical leftist dishonesty or…. possibly both.

  7. Mors Hostibus says:

    1) Even cursory research shows eyewitness testimony that Zimmerman was viciously attacked, knocked to the ground, and then helpless on his back while the attacker pummeled him. Police report that his back was soaked and grass stained. His injuries were treated by EMS and recorded.
    2) 17 is not a child as you erroneously called him. I challenged you on this and you dropped this point and it falls to me.
    3) Your leftist media is showing pictures from eight and eleven years old. Pictures showing an angelic child instead of a six footer who is old enough to shave.
    4) Another leftist deception: you left out that he was over six feet and Zimmerman was 5’9”.
    5) YOU LIED: “He was innocent of any crime” hmmm even in Detroit, assault and battery is a crime.

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