DETROIT (WWJ) – Despite the city of Detroit’s ongoing financial difficulties, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan’s CEO, Dan Leopp says he remains committed to the city and is sticking with his plan to relocate staff members.

Hundreds of Blue Cross Blue Shield employees are set to move into the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit in June.

“We made a really smart business decision and if you look at what people like Dan Gilbert is doing with Quicken Loans, what Pete Karmanos is doing, what DTE is doing, what’s going up in midtown with the hospitals and universities, people are making business decisions to come downtown and midtown and its working,” said Leopp.

According to Leopp,”cities will have difficult times” but he’s confident that Detroit officials and Governor Rick Snyder will get things worked out.

Gov. Snyder held a town hall meeting on Detroit’s finances Wednesday at Wayne County Community College where he said the goal isn’t just to stabilize the troubled town — it’s to grow the city.

“If Detroit continues to decline, it’s a huge problem,” Snyder said. “How we grow the city is how we grow out of this problem.” (More on this, here).

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