WAYNE (WWJ) – She’s been on her feet for 48 hours per week, every week, for a half-century plus 10. A Wayne woman was honored on Thursday to mark her 60th anniversary at a Kroger store.

Marion Lozen clearly remembers the day when she started work at the meat counter in Wayne.  It was March 29, 1952.

“There was 13 girls there at the time, and they told me I wouldn’t last. Because we started work and all this and that, and when we ended up we only had 7 girls … and one of them was me,” said Lozen.

Lozen told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Sandra McNeil that she loves her job and the people, but not so much what she serves.

“I don’t eat a lot of meat, but I’m not a meat eater anyway … I think bologna and hot dogs is my best,” Lozen said.

Fred Skillman, who’s worked beside Lozen for 34 years, considers her a friend. “She attacks it with energy and enthusiasm every day, every day I’ve ever known her,” he said.

So, does she still have all her fingers?

“I’ll go count, but I think so,” Skillman joked,

At 84, Lozen has no plans yet to retire.

“Just depends on my health. As long as the good lord above takes care of me,” she said.


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