Charlie Langton: Shabazz Discusses Why He Said Burn The City Down

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(WWJ Photo/Beth Fisher)

(WWJ Photo/Beth Fisher)

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As the fight to save the City of Detroit continues, during a charged Detroit financial review meeting Rev. Malik Shabazz’s said he would “burn down the city of Detroit before letting the state take over” and that it’s “white supremacy for the state to appoint a city manager for Detroit.” Charlie spoke with Shabazz about his comments and callers let loose at times to blast him for his comments.

Shabazz is sure that white politicians in Lansing believe that white people are better than black people. While nobody has actually said that, Shabazz believes that their actions speak for this belief. According to him, white supremacy is behind much of politics. Racism is inherit in our court system. Racism and white supremacy has driven Detroit to poverty and ruined Detroit schools. He’s mad as hell at the mortgage companies that tricked Detroiters into homes with loans they couldn’t afford and therefore, in a bad economy, found themselves on the streets.

He pounded Snyder, saying that he is anti-working poor, anti-working class, and anti-people-of-color. And how does Shabazz feel about living in Detroit?  How does he feel about the behavior of people like Kwame Kilpatrick? Is he a hate monger? Why did he say burn it down?? Listen to the full interview below and decide what you think of his comments.

Shabazz part 1

Shabazz part 2

Shabazz part 3

Shabazz part 4

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