By Charlie Langton

DETROIT (Talk Radio 1270) The Detroit reverend who shouted that residents would “burn the city down” if the state approves an emergency financial oversight board defended himself and lobbed even more racial bombs during a radio appearance this week.

Rev. Malik Shabazz called the Charlie Langton Talk Radio 1270 morning show where he spent an entire hour discussing the disastrous state of Detroit. “The state of Michigan did that to us,” he said about the failing school system, at various times blaming banks, the state, and the suburbs for the city’s issues.

Michigan created a consent agreement that would put a nine-member financial oversight board in charge of the city’s books, forcing it to consolidate departments, potentially re-negotiate union contracts, give greater board oversight, find new streams of revenue and cut expenses.

The mayor and City Council are fighting the agreement proposed by Gov. Rick Snyder, though many have said enaction of the deal is imminent. Detroit has borrowed $600 million since 2005 to stay afloat. Under threat of bankruptcy this spring, the city borrowed another $137 million in bonds earlier this week.

Dozens of residents went berserk at a recent council meeting, screaming about the state coming in to erase their democratic right to elect their own officials. Shabazz’s rant got the most attention.

“Do you really want to burn the city down? Langton asked him. “Of course not,” Shabazz responded.

Caller Marcus from Detroit, who described himself as a civil rights activist, asked “where were you coming from with the ‘burn it down’ line?”

“Out of pain, I spoke the other day out of pain, out of a sense of misery, out of a sense of anger, out of a sense of major disappointment, not only with today, but a historical analysis, a historical perspective, a global perspective,” Shabazz said.

Langton asked how he could justify going in front of a crowd and TV cameras to yell ‘white supremacy’ and threaten to burn down his own city to prevent outsiders from coming in.

“White supremacy is a worldwide institutional system and it affects the lives of the human family every day, both historically as well as today,” Shabazz said. “It even disrupts and hurts white folks. To say ‘White supremacy’ is not an attack on all white people, but I am attacking the system, the mindset that ‘I am better simply because I’m white.’

“Isn’t the mood in this nation…in Lansing, that white people are better than black people? He added. “Hasn’t it always been that we’re substandard? The governor doesn’t have to say it, his policies show it.”

Asked to define his concept of ‘white supremacy,’ and explain why he’s adding fuel to a suddenly tense situation that Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson likened to a “tinderbox,” the reverend said, “I am responding to the racism, I’m not fueling a doggone thing. I am responding to it. The state of Michigan tried to help the city of Detroit out, so they said, with our court system … We can barely get a Detroiter on the jury.”

Caller John from Chesterfield said, “The city of Detroit’s problem isn’t black and white, it’s green, the legacy costs of the unions has put the city in financial disaster.”

“The state of Michigan owes us $231 million,” Shabazz said, echoing a claim by Jesse Jackson when he came to town Thursday.

Jeremy from Jackson said, “We have a guy who wants to separate the races…Mortgages are affecting everybody, including me, and I’m white. Your issue is white people. Everybody’s affected by our economy, it’s not just white, it’s not just black, it’s not just Hispanics. You’re a hatemonger.”

“I don’t hate anybody, I’m a lover of all humanity, and my mission is a mission of mercy and my labor is a labor of love,” Shabazz said. “God is working with me.”

“When white people get a cold, black people get pneumonia,” Shabazz said.”Whatever happens bad and negative in this country affects us disproportionately.

He said Detroiters were “tricked” into sub-prime loans by bankers and forced to live “under viaducts and on freeways”

When a caller blamed Democrats for the sub-prime mortgage fiasco, Shabazz took it back to his supremacy message.

“White supremacy is not a Republican thing, it is not a Democratic thing, it is a European, worldwide global system. It is financial, it is media, it is military, it is science, it is economics, it is religious.”

Taking into consideration his feelings of anger and disappointment, Langton asked Shabazz: Are you still excited to live in the city of Detroit?

“I love Detroit, I’m Detroit bred, Detroit led, and Detroit fed, I think we are the greatest city on the planet. I fight crime, I see poor people, I register people to vote, I close down crack houses, we capture criminals, we do things every day because we believe in this city.”

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Listen to Charlie Langton weekdays 6-9 a.m. on Talk Radio 1270 AM WXYT.

Comments (636)
  1. sirandrew says:

    Another call by so called reverends to escalate from class warfare to a civil war of blacks against whites.
    There will be blood on the streets if we allow these so called reverend to yell fire in a crowded theater.

  2. Galinda says:

    Detroit Preacher: ‘Isn’t The Mood In This Nation That White People Are Better Than Black?’ IT IS NOW!

  3. Mike G says:

    Shabazz is right. Detroit is a toilet that needs to be flushed. Just be sure that when it is, the human turd flood that results is sent back to Africa and not to other parts of the USA.

    1. Larry says:

      Send them to their 70 virgins

  4. Armed2TheTeeth says:

    Locked, loaded, and waiting for your worthless black as@!!!

  5. MALCOM says:

    DETROIT is a classic example of Black Supremacy. It’s a black run city -bottom up and top down. it’s 80 percent black. And yet black racist still blame Whites and Conservatives for their failures. As Whites become the minority sadly this is the future of America.

  6. Chimp City says:

    EVERY PLACE in the world where Blacks are a majority is a TOILET. It’s like Blacks have a reverse Midas Touch.

    1. MALCOM says:

      just about , however I would rather live next to a Black Conservative than a White liberal.

      1. raw dog says:

        excellent point…

      2. Noamsayn? says:

        I doubt there are more than 100 black conservatives in the USA.

    2. isnrblog says:

      That is true. While there are many great, wide and intelligent blacks, the majority of them more than offset the contribution of that minority.

      I fell sorry for the black person, working hard taking care of his responsibilities. What is he/she thinking right now? Likey “Shut the hell up Sharpton! You don’t speak for me”

      Go on you tube. Search Detroit 300. Ask youself why the mainstrem media has not reported on the activities of these brave remarkable black people.

    3. Tableaunoir Makaka says:

      Heck we bilt da pyrmids and we used ta be able to fly too!!!

  7. Go For It says:

    Burn it. You mean burn the rest of it? Great idea Reverend, not much of a threat though.

  8. Commonsense58 says:

    inasmuch as we have white trash we also have “ghetto-blacks” ghetto-blacks respond to anyone who will provide them with an excuse to cover their miserable lazy non-productive lives. The thin skin and tantrums thrown by ghetto-blacks is shamefull and they ought be highly embarrased by it. Ghetto-blacks are the only ethnic group in the US that cries everytime they have a preceived injury, they fall down and kick and scream like little babies. My black friends here on the west coast despise them as do I.

    1. says:

      This is TRUE. if Euro Caucasians can have “white trash” w impunity .. thus the Pan Africans can have “ghetto blacks” w similar impunity. No shame in calling a Spade a Spade. After all its not being “black’ that people r contentious with … its being a LOSER! … no one wants to be a Loser. regardless of their ethnic, race origins.

  9. WilliamPenn says:

    Think it’s bad now? It’s gonna get way worse around election time when the Black power and Occupy groups take over polling places and when Obama gets hammered by the vote. Obama himself will no doubt yell that the election was stolen by racists. Riots will follow. Arm yourselves, Citizens! You’re gonna need it.

    1. Larry says:

      Sound like Obummer my have to declare Martial Law and suspend the elections to bring peace

  10. auntben says:

    there you have the mindset of too many blacks …it never been about equality…for god sake we have a president who is 1/2 african…it simply comes down to hatred ….blacks hate whites…they hate our sucess…they hate our system…they hate our existence …and you know why because deep down inside too many of them know they can’t compete in this society…they just don’t have it…not all …but many they have an inferiority complex…they’d rather live in tribes and communes where the elder stateman tells them what they should do…blacks are the problem in America and they know it

    1. Tableaunoir Makaka says:

      Half???!!!! BS. Try Kenyan. Wake up.

  11. Mort Adella says:

    How about all that White supremacy in Africa? Millions are slaughtered by other black people and it must be due to White supremacy. And how about all the Black on Black crime in America. That too must be due to White Supremacy. RIght?

    1. pastblaster says:

      Think you hit the nail on the head!

    2. pastblaster says:

      Had a South African friend(white) who had to flee from there after Mandella take over. He said that the natives there were attacking the farms and running out the whites who ran the farms and employed the natives. Later he told me that they asked the whites to come back and run things because they were losing money because they did not have a clue how to make a profit on the farming.

  12. Evil media says:

    I would like some of the reader’s feedback. I think this Trayvon thing is looking like the ghetto black Waterloo. I think this is their time to make a move(as Sharpton and Jesse are into their 60s/70s)If ever there was an attempt at race war by blacks this might be it.

    1. Larry says:

      there only about 13% of the population if thats what they want bring it on. It will be messy but they’ll lose

  13. muhammad X. Cheeks says:

    doesn’t one look at detroit, or haiti, or africa prove that whites are superior to blacks? what about 100 years worth of IQ tests that show blacks to be dramatically less intelligent than whites?

    1. homer says:

      thats why we have to breed them down with the white girls, then
      utopia will follow , im quite sure ,,i think

  14. Veritas says:

    Shabazz is not a reverend, and He makes Sharpton look like a Saint. This is the same member of the Black Panthers who stated that “we gonna have to kill us some cracker babies”. Beware of who you associate with, our religions are being co-opted.

  15. raw dog says:

    The second ammendment will cover you…lock and lad, target selection too easy. aim for the Dr. dre’s.

  16. muhammad X. Cheeks says:

    and remember folks, detroit is a filthy ghetto despite hundreds of billions of dollars flowing into the city from the auto industry. blacks destroy everything they touch regardless of how much money is spent to prevent it

  17. David says:

    I’d love to sit back with a bowl of popcorn and watch these animals burn down their own cities.

  18. Derek says:

    We are born into this country and are owed nothing. We’ve received the gift of life. If we’re lucky, we receive loving affection from both Mom and Dad……that’s where the breakdown begins. This (My) whole generation has a sense of entitlement that has been engrained into us with racial undertones. Only time and family values will cleanse Detroit.

  19. Olivef_Clozoff says:

    Except for running, jumping, and playing bass, we ARE better,

    1. DaPower says:

      And rapping and walking around with your underwear showing!

  20. Kim Bailey says:

    Show me a place that Blacks have made better or improved…just one!

    1. pastblaster says:

      They have greatly improved the game of basketball. A game invented by a white guy.

      1. JM in Southern California says:

        But that’s not a needed improvement. If you want basketballs to go through hoops, I can do it at the rate of about a thousand every hour. … but to what good end? It’s not a needed skill, just like a 98 MPH fastball.

  21. dana blasi says:

    Detroit ,once the wealthiest city in North America ,highest per capita income of ANY city in North America. now a bulldozed hell hole. 1/2 of it’s original population has fled. A recent study showed 1/2 of the citizens still left are functionally illiterate! Can you grasp these FACTS! Now ask your self why? Did it happen by accident? No Demo-cat policies ruined that city . Coleman Young the most corrupt mayor ruined that city. You’re living in a hell hole and when Herman Cain tells you you’re brain washed ,you laugh at him. Burn it? Is that a threat? Wouldn’t be much of a loss would it.?

    1. Imi Grant says:

      I miss Herman. It scares me how we all seem to fall into these molds: Conservative black presidential candidate – hell no! Uncle Tom!
      Black “leaders” fostering improvement in the black communities rather than appearing after someone is “violated”?

      Not likely.

      End the incentives for young, uneducated black girls to reproduce; Racism, mean spirited.

      The Democrats have Created this throw away cultural rot and because their surfs get 3,500 per kid, housing subsidies, and EBT cards, they won’t vote this rot OUT and take back their communities and heal.

  22. Rick says:

    White fol are not better than black folk just better than the race baiters that are mentioned in this story. And I happen to be a Black man…

    1. pastblaster says:

      It’s not what you are called, it’s what you answer to.

  23. HansJurgen says:

    There are different species and some are more advanced than others – even humans. I’ve tried to be understanding, but ever since I’ve studies Darwin’s Theory of Evolution and now seen their racist behavior and violence, it is apparent that blacks are inferior. Name any country that is predominantly black and the society and culture has contributed nothing to the human race except violence, murder, poverty, worthless parents/fathers, …. So, face the facts and realize that the more the Al Sharptons of the world flap their lips, the more the continue to build the typical black stereotype and prove that Darwin’s Theory of Evolution is a fact – some of us just haven’t evolved as much as others.

    1. pastblaster says:

      I think there is some truth to that statement. I think we can all agree that intelligence is something you are born with. Anyone who sat through highschool and tried to compete with the Jewish or Oriental kids knows that they seemed to not have to work at it as hard as this dumb polack did.

  24. ironage says:

    White or “European” culture has given the world MANY things. It was THE driving force in the advancement of ALL races and civilizations. It has given the world modern technology, medicine, music, literature and liberal western philosophy. Unfortunately….because of some bad choices….like taking part in the worldwide African slave trade and their ignorance of other races….and their “internal” wars against each other in Europe….especially from the 16th to 20th centuries….it has become “politically incorrect” to be “proud” of their white culture.

    Ironically….it is the actions and attitudes of the “guilty white liberal” of the 20th and 21st centuries…especially in “Academia”….that have demonized white culture and its HUGE contributions to the modern world. When you see white people who have a hard time defining white “culture”….you should understand that it’s because pride in their culture has…in large part….been bred out of them.

    To this very day….it is the white European…..or white American of European descent….that is the driving force in modern technological advancements in almost every field of study. The eventual decline of the white or “European” culture will prove catastrophic for ALL freedom loving civilizations in future times.

    1. auntben says:

      White people solely has taken the human being to heights never before seen …in that regard we are superior and I personally amd proud of it …and every other white should be too…unfortunately there has been a systemic attempt in a quest for equality to dumb down the white race to make them appear equal …this all manifest itself after the 2nd world war and if we don;t teach our children how special they are it will ruin a great civilization

      1. pastblaster says:

        And how ironic it is that Margaret Sanger, the woman who was a pioneer in the science of human selective breeding, is championed by liberals and the people who benefit from them. I believe that Jesse Jackson received the Margaret Sanger award some time ago. Funny, but she thought it would benefit the world if people of color were sterilized so that they would not continue to degrade the gene pool.

    2. manny says:

      Don’t blame the white race for slavery. The greedy tribal chiefs sold their own people for a few shillings each.

      1. ironage says:

        I wasn’t blaming the white race for slavery….i simply pointed out that they made a big mistake in “taking part” in it.

      2. Tableaunoir Makaka says:

        i.e. shoulda picked our own cotton. Now all’s we gots is broke down farm equipment!

    3. HansJurgen says:

      That’s why our liberal educational system is trying to “dumb” down the white race to be “on equal” to the black race. Our educational system is now so inferior to most western civilizations – thanks to the liberals and the blacks. FACE the FACTS!!!!!

  25. Calumetica says:

    Militant, racist blacks are to civilization what vomit is to cuisine.

    1. John West says:

      Oh man ….. that is funny imagery

    2. JM in Southern California says:

      Love it.

  26. Trish says:

    Shabazz can’t put a coherent thought together. A response to an honest question is answered with hyperbole and irrelevance.

  27. allness says:

    How many years has this city voted for the democrat plantation?

  28. Elizabeth says:

    Who is to blame for the leadership in Detroit for the past 40 years ? The residents of Detroit , of course, who voted their african-American leadership and their policies in place. So why is there blame now put on everyoneone else outside of Detroit?

    The leadership over those years by and large pillaged the coffers and then eventually left the mess to the next one to pillage somemore. That’s how I see it.

  29. freecheese says:

    Well preacher. Maybe it is VERY true. Why is it that ONLY 13% of American’s are BLACK

  30. homer says:

    Here is a solution:
    have every commercial media outlet show a black man and white girl, ot the lightest skinned girl possible In commercials, movies, TV shows.
    that way the sheeple will copy what they see on TV .
    and BAM you know have a caramel colored nation and all
    will be well.
    OH wait ,,OOPS that is already happening

    1. freecheese says:

      YO! you forgotz to say she gotz ta’ beez a white BLOND !

      1. homer says:

        Oh yeah, however, I don’t think borox obooms wonderful family setting included a blond mother
        just another white teenage girl brunette knocked up by some Nigerian
        tribal dude, and then left holding da bag

    2. pastblaster says:

      I saw a “FAIL” picture with three white girls drinking alcohol with several black guys and the caption said: ” You know you’ve failed as a parent”.!!

  31. manny says:

    Oh sure malik shabazz…blame everybody but those who ran a once good city into the ground – namely the bl acks and thier inability to raise a decent child.

  32. Not Chicken Little says:

    The “black culture” in the US is such that blacks – about 14% of the population – commit over 50% of the murders, and over 75% of all crime. The black community needs to step up to the plate and address this in a responsible manner instead of blaming all their troubles on whitey.

    1. JM in Southern California says:

      I got a police scanner in 1979 and listened to a big-city PD off-and-on for years. I was astonished (at first) that most of the radio calls from dispatcher to patrol mentioned suspects that were black or Hispanic. It didn’t matter which district I monitored. All the same.

      I don’t know why and I don’t care why. I know what I heard.

  33. freecheese says:

    Well preacher. Must be right. Why is it ONLY 13% of American’s are BLACK, yet they are responsible for 75% of violent crime are commited by BLACKS.

    1. homer says:

      well, we cannot deal in facts here
      lets deal in emotion ,
      hold hands and sing koom by ya
      we need to bend over backward even further and kiss up even more to
      these , po, po black folk with no opportunity
      ,,ohhh tears

  34. Slam1263 says:

    I think Shazzbutt is on to something.

    After 40 years of Democrat rule, there is nothing left to do, but a targeted and contolled burn of the unliveable sections of a once great city.

    It’s Spring time, let’s prune the garden of hate, bigotry, and fraud.

    1. Bobsu64 says:

      Democrat mayor the past 60 years and black mayor the past 20 years.

  35. John West says:

    If you look at the societies built by white people and contrast that with the societies built by black people, I think it is pretty obvious which is the superior culture.

    Now I said superior culture, not superior race. This is a cultural and behavioral and moral contrast because I see no reason why black folks can’t invent stuff or be scientists or engineers, there are plenty of them. So why does Detroit and Haiti and much of Africa look as it does. Why do black people defeat themselves.

    In doing so, they make themselves inferior to other cultures who know how to get along and get things done for the betterment of all in the society.


    Meanwhile, the answer is yes, white folks have a superior culture to black folks.

    If black people don’t like that fact, they can change it, but not in the way they likely with try to. You know ..escalate the hate and violence when they have no real enemy but themselves.

    1. pastblaster says:

      John West: You have stated the obvious. Everyone in their heart knows this to be true.

  36. Maddock says:

    No race is innately superior to another. but Mr Shabazz can’t make a living saying that. He needs to create division, fear, blame, and tension in order to
    create an environment where he will be paid attention to, even in a marginal way.

    No race is superior to another. However, behaviors of one group of people is often superior to another group. The desire and ability to create good for his fellow man is often more evident in one group than it is in another. I will let Mr Shabazz firgure out which group he and his followers fall into.

    1. Tableaunoir Makaka says:

      Come out of the closet…white European race IS SUPERIOR. Period.

  37. Norman says:

    “where were you coming from with the ‘burn it down’ line?” From what I’ve seen there isn’t much more to burn down.

  38. manny says:

    Name one…just one black leader who has done anything good for any country. Having been to Africa three times I can tell you first hand that b lacks make terrible leaders. They tend to be greedy and narcisistic. When I was in Nigeria a more than a decade ago the headlines in Lagos was all about the b lack president/general who stole 500 million nira ($) and tucked it away in a swiss account. He also required every business to post his picture in the lobby of their facilities.
    Obama has all the same traits as a African third world dictator.

  39. josh says:

    It is true that whites are better. Except in football and basketball, and then, only in championship games

  40. AfirmativeActionISracism says:

    Well, by reading this comment thread, it would seem like the whites are ready. Shabazz, It’s you’re play, TOUGH GUY. The Japanese only thought they had awakened a sleeping giant.

    1. homer says:

      this supposed ” white guilt” is going to bring this country down,
      one white girl birthing a black baby at a time
      we have bent over backwards enough is enough already
      Im with you

      1. ironage says:

        Unfortunately…..our beautiful white women can be very naive when it comes to the REALITIES of other races. They are very vulnerable to the propaganda of “diversity” that is taught in the Academic world. How do we rectify this inherant naivete in our females? I do not know.

  41. The Truth says:

    Hope! Change!

    1. strongmind says:

      too bad the great disservice to God reverand couldn’t be honest for one lousy second and tell his people that the reason why they’re in the mess they’re in…. is because few have high school diplomas, let alone a higher education. Worse, many are “multiple partner parents,” non child support paying etc.

      Don’t forget that it was fashionable to go out on halloween and burn houses and buildings down instead of trick or treating.

      no wonder why the town is DEAD!

  42. freecheese says:

    There’s not much left to burn down. Get rid of the unions and fire all of your black democrat politicians, and that might be a REAL good start.

  43. stonedome says:

    “White supremacy is a worldwide institutional system and it affects the lives of the human family every day, both historically as well as today,” Shabazz said. “this man lacks intelligence if he believes this nonsense…trying to make people act out of an irrational emotional response is irresponsible and dangerous. these are threats to the citizens of detroit and they all should call for this man’s racists arrest.

  44. Jamal says:

    White people are more civilized, that’s for sure. Don’t believe me? Look at the lists of most safest cities in the US and then look at the most dangerous. End of story

  45. Sick of the Racists says:

    For all the people of color filled with racist hate I say ring it on. From the POS sitting in the white house to all the race baiters in congress, if death is all you understand then gra a weapon and back up your useless lives. I would be more than happy to pull the rigger and put his country out of your misery!

  46. james4usa says:


    1. joe says:

      I’d rather live in Denmark france or germany than the other sewers.

    2. homer says:

      I dont ever recall people in Denmark sitting around swatting the flies from the eyes of 4 of the nine children that they cannot feed?
      or am I just mistaken?

  47. VanPastorMan says:

    Reverand, I am also a Rev, who preaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I don’t believe white people are better than black people. But I do believe there are some fine pastors in Detroit who are not calling for the city to be burned unless demands are met. Reverand, they are better than you, and it doesn’t matter what color they are.

    1. Brent Watson says:

      Moonbat, if you deny the blatant chasm between we and they you are either a fool or more likely projecting blindness……….about the only thing we have in common is walking upright…….Negros are barely beyond baboons in evolutionary time….

      1. JM in Southern California says:

        Careful.. Explain why blacks have less back trouble than whites. It’s our habit of walking upright and they’re better suited.

      2. Tableaunoir Makaka says:

        “Habit of walking upright”? I’d say it’s from loitering about and NOT LIFTING A DAMN FINGER TO DO ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!! POS.

    2. Rabbi Wasenstein says:

      Reverend, I love your comment. It’s the truth. Race – whatever that might mean, whatever that is – doesn’t matter; culture and, on an individual level, character and humility do. While I may not be of your religious persuasion :) I agree wholeheartedly. Thanks.
      And ignore the buffoon giving you a hard time. His lack of knowledge about evolutionary biology is only matched by his aggressive attitude.

  48. RS says:

    With “leaders” like Shabazz, how could anyone feel that black people might be inferior?

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