DEXTER (WWJ) – A few dozen people met up in Dexter on Saturday to participate in a so-called “cash mob” to support area businesses as they helping rebuild in the wake of a tornado two weeks ago.

The rules of a typical cash mob are to meet at a set store at a specific time and spend a certain amount of money.

Paul Hickman, who helped coordinate the cash mob, said this event is more lax on the rules and targets all Dexter businesses.

“The whole idea was just, basically, everyone come into town, walk the streets and just shop,” Hickman told WWJ Newsradio 950. “And even if you’re not going to actually spend any money, on in and visit the stores. See what they’ve got, so you come back, you find a news store you can tell other people about it.”

Although the officials “mobbing” wrapped up Saturday afternoon, but Hickman encourages folks to go out and shop at any point as a thank you for the amount of time and money the stores donated to tornado clean-up efforts.

Thankfully, no one was killed or seriously injured in the storms that hit Dexter in mid-March. But officials said 207 homes were damaged and about 20 will need to be demolished.


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  1. paul hickman says:

    At 10 a.m. at the start of the Ann Arbor Cash Mob Crawl for Dexter Tornado Relief we had over 60 people. They gathered at Monument Park in downtown Dexter to hear the stories of those who were direct victims of the tornado and how the business community poured out to support them. As the day progressed many more people came into town to repay those same businesses. Last we heard at 7:30, those businesses still open were still seeing record numbers of people. One store owner said she had not seen traffic like this on a Saturday for many years. I am guessing we broke our goal of 100 people who came to Dexter specifically because of the Cash Mob. It was a great day for Dexter. Thank you all who came out and gave back to the Dexter Business Community.

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