DETROIT (WWJ) – They were best friends whose lives were cut short by murder.

Final goodbyes are happening at noon Monday at Detroit’s Solomon Temple for two women who were kidnapped from a Hamtramck home and went missing for nearly a month until their bodies were discovered last week.

Abreeya Brown and Ashley Conaway disappeared in late February after being abducted and placed in the trunk of a car. Their bodies were found almost a month later in shallow graves in the Six Mile and Telegraph Road area.

Conaway’s ex-boyfriend, Brandon Cain — along with Brian Lee — are charged with shooting at the two women. They refused hush money to not testify against the two men, sources said, and according to their families that led to their disappearance.

A preliminary exam began Friday for two men accused of kidnapping and killing two young women from Hamtramck in February. The court hearing will continue Thursday.

Cain and Lee are charged with attempted murder in a separate earlier incident involving Brown and Conaway. Witness Andre Douglas, who was originally believed to be involved but was later cleared of any wrong doing, took the stand at one point and told the court he saw the defendants talking to the two victims on February 8th.

He said Cain told the girls not to drive off or else Lee would shoot. He says the girls then started to pull away. Police believe the men later kidnapped and killed Conaway and Brown when they threatened to tell police what happened.
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  1. Patti Harris says:

    THIS IS A VERY SAD DAY FOR THESE FAMILIES AND I KNOW GOD WILL KEEP THEM AND CARRY THEM DURING THIS TIME. I miss my daughter around these girls ages, after high school and before i crime was this bad she decide to move out of time. Best decession she couldve ever made. I rather she her on holidays than to run the risk of never seeing her smiling face. The are the Lords angels watching of yall now. MAKE THEM PROUD!!!!!!!

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