Maybe Dennis Rodman Isn’t Broke After All

By: Evan Jankens

This morning while looking around the Internet I came across this post from about Dennis Rodman making it “rain” in Las Vegas. Now, a guy who’s broke should not be making it rain.

The video shows Rodman standing at the counter of a clothing store just throwing cash around that lands on the floor. Is it ever a good idea to literally throw away money? Probably not — especially when there is a lawsuit ongoing about not being able to make your child support payments.

You never know when cameras are watching, especially when you are in LAS VEGAS. I know they say “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but still you probably shouldn’t be just tossing around money when you owe $800,000. Just saying.

Click HERE to see the video of Rodman making it rain

  • jessy

    This woman is in all the vidio of him lately… Anyone know if this is his new girlfriend???

  • jessy

    Could explain why he is so happy in such a hard time…

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