ANN ARBOR — Advanced Photonix Inc. (NYSE Amex:API) Tuesday announced it has signed a value-added reseller agreement for its T-Gauge industrial terahertz gauging system with Automation and Control Technology Inc. of Dublin, Ohio.

The T-Gauge measurement system builds on the company’s long history of terahertz products dating back more than 10 years with the introduction of the world’s first commercial terahertz system.

This new system is ruggedized for deployment on the manufacturing floor for quality assurance and process control. The technology is adaptable to different sensor configurations, including robotic controls, to support many different applications. The resulting innovative gauge will help manufacturers to improve quality and reduce costs.

Little understood and difficult to generate until the 1990s, terahertz radiation occupies a space on the electromagnetic spectrum between microwaves and infrared light. It’s being eyed for a variety of inspection functions because it can “see” through and into many materials without packing the damaging, ionizing punch of X-rays.

Said Charles Totel, president and CEO of ACT: “The terahertz technology is the next generation of sophisticated measurement sensors that are destined to eventually displace many nucleonic and x-ray sensor applications. This next generation of safe sensors are capable of measuring multiple layer products and providing high precision measurements for each layer of a product. ACT is excited about the opportunity to provide this new technology to our valued customers.”

David Pond, executive vice president and COO of ACT added: “ACT delivers complete industrial gauging solutions — measurement, control and data management — which now include API’s revolutionary T-Gauge sensor technology. We are proud to be the first VAR in the world to have integrated and placed into production a terahertz sensor in an industrial multi-layer Web-based process application.”

And Rob Risser, COO of API said: “Manufacturers are constantly looking for ways to reduce cost and improve quality. The industry expertise, application development, and established sales channels capability of our VARs, like ACT, will enable us to more rapidly deliver the improved quality and cost reduction capabilities of terahertz technology to the factory floor in a shorter time horizon.”


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