DEARBORN (WWJ/AP) – A Florida minister whose rhetoric against Muslims has inflamed anti-Western sentiment in Afghanistan has sued the Detroit suburb of Dearborn, saying it is violating his free speech rights by asking him to sign an agreement before a planned protest outside a mosque.

A burning of the Quran in 2011 at Rev. Terry Jones‘ church in Gainesville, Fla., led to violent protests in Afghanistan that killed more than a dozen people.

The Thomas More Law Center filed suit Monday on Jones’ behalf in Detroit federal court. Jones wants to protest outside the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, home of one of the nation’s largest Muslim communities.

Dearborn spokeswoman Mary Laundroche said Tuesday that the city only wants to be held harmless in case of trouble. She said the location is not pedestrian-friendly.

Jones ignited heated controversy during several stops in Dearborn last year, protesting what he described as “radical Islam.”  His speech outside Dearborn City Hall drew hundreds of supporters and counter-protesters. Jones was jailed for a short time last Spring after refusing to pay a peace bond.

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  1. Bob says:

    I have not read this article just the headline. This is NOT news.

  2. Dave Isern says:

    This guy is a lunatic who stirs up social unrest through fear & finger pointing at others. All in other people’s backyards which has directly caused violent reactions around the globe. I do not want this wannabe christian in my hometown causing problems to the good & diverse people of Dearborn, Michigan. Hasn’t the metro Detroit area overcome enough hard times & diversity to have an idiot from out of state “scream fire!” in our neighborhood?!

    His actions are neither christian or american and don’t deserve the support of our constitution. Suing the hardworking town of Dearborn doesn’t seem like a Christian value either. Mayor O’Reilly has dealt with this silly man professionally and kept his argument foundation on the practical reasoning of permits, location space in order to obtain municipal support but Terry Jones doesn’t believe he has to go through any normal applications.
    This guy should stay home.

    Dave Isern
    Born & Bred Dearbornite
    Steadicam Operator

    1. Cindy says:

      I know it is difficult but part of being an American is being tolerant of other people’s views. Even though people like yourself may not believe what Terry Jones has to say, Terry Jones has a right to say what he believes. We need to be tolerant of Terry Jones’s views. Terry Jones says he is a Christian then that is what he is. Like Jesus, Terry Jones has not harmed any one. Terry Jones is a good law abiding man and a good American. Those who oppose opposing views, or who are truley intolerant of other’s views, should find a different country to live in other than America. In America our Constitution states that we have the right of free speech. Terry Jones has never weilding a weapon. Those criminals who started acts of violence and try to blame it on other people, like Terry Jones, are just criminals. We should not support the criminals who act out when someone in America expresses their free speech rights and burns a Koran or states a comment that may not be preceived as positive about Mohammad, etc. If Terry Jones speaks out against radical Islam and some true criminal commits an act of violence the person who commits the act of violence needs to be arrested, not peaceful law abiding Terry Jones.

  3. Anna says:

    Dr.Jones exposes Islam for what it is: a violent political force that wants to dominate and takes away freedom (just look into islamic dominated countries!!!). At the same time Dr. Jones exposes our sad condition here in the USA: the cowardliness and unwillingness to stand up for what is right and true. We MUST protect our constitutional rights, such as our freedom of speech! Because of political correctness we are loosing our freedom. Thanks God for Dr. Jones who is not afraid to speak up. SUPPORT DR. Jones!!!

  4. heikeboecken says:

    So speaking out against Islam and sharia law is already a crime. People were always afraid of the truth. Terry Jones speaks the truth about Islam and also that our constitution is in danger. Islam does not want peace, but dominate. And too many Americans want rather sit on their back porch and watch! But maybe its too late when they realize that their freedom is gone

  5. Amy says:

    Dr Jones wants to peacefully protest on public property. That’s protected by our first amendment and should be no problem right? Except this is in front of the largest Mosque in the US and Islam does not want to be exposed. The city is controlled by Islam and is doing everything to make a simple act, protected by our great constitution,impossible for Dr. Jones. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  6. Wayne says:

    Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety – Ben Franklin – That statement describes the majority of the people today. Too afraid to stand up for your rights so they get taken away. Wake up people before it’s too late and Stand Up America Now!

  7. Luke says:

    What’s the problem ??? Islam is the religion of peace right??? Muslims are all peacefull right?? They love freedom of speech right ??? NOT !!!!

  8. Claudia says:

    The so-called “religion of peace” is hopefully being exposed more and more…it is ridiculous to blame one person who speaks up to righteousness now for the violence that has been going on in Islam for hundreds of years…ridiculous.

  9. sam says:

    all of the terry jones followers need to get a life. Terry jones just wants attention and thats the only reason why he keeps coming to Dearborn. AND STOP SAYING THAT YOU PEOPLE WANT PEACE. you dont want peace. you want t=nothing but to cause a riot. you wanna know why you are all so IGNORANT? because you KNOW NOTHING ABOUT ISLAM. your only looking at people who call themselves muslims. YOUR NOT LOOKING AT THE RELIGION ITSELF. YOU DONT READ ABOUT IT. all you do is sit on your high horse and complain. TERRY JONES IS THE NUT CASE!!! MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT THAT. he wants attention. so what if schools want to give halal food to muslims. ITS NONE OF HIS DAM BUSINESS. they want to eat halal because they have to kosher meat. OH BTW NO ONE HAS TO MAKE HIM LOOK BAD. HES DOING A GOOD JOB ON HIS OWN. keep up the good work. way to go.

    1. Cindy says:

      Terry Jones is an American hero for protecting free speech. Terry Jones is no nut case. Terry Jones gets it. Americans have tolerated dung on pictures of Mary mother of God, Jesus in a jar of urine, contiinual nonstop blasts about Christianity in the media, movies, etc. Statistics show that Christianity is still the prodominant religion in America yet Americans do not go out and riot when someone makes a negative comment about Christianity or is not reverent towards their symbols. We need to get rid of the radical Muslims who over react when a Koran is burned, etc. Christmas trees are not allowed in public schools anymore when they used to be an American tradition. Why should they have halal food? Islam needs to stop being the religion of states. Our Consitution says that no religion can be the religion of state and the bending over backward for Muslims and Muslims only makes Islam the religion of state. That is unAmerican and wrong.

      1. Nancy says:

        Beck fill-in Doc Thompson of WXYT says threatening to burn Qurans could be a “hell of a bargaining tool” with the Muslim world

  10. nickchirco says:

    Terry Jones DID have his rights violated last time he was in Dearborn!!!! Plus he DOES expose Islam for what it is, a violent religion full of hatred!!!

  11. Nancy says:

    Beck fill-in Doc Thompson of WXYT says threatening to burn Qurans could be a “hell of a bargaining tool” with the Muslim world

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