By: Khang Huynh

So Jim Leyland has announced that after Brandon Inge is eligible to come off the disabled list he will platoon with Ryan Raburn at second base meaning he will be on the Tigers 25 man roster.

Please take the next few minutes to bang your head on your desk multiple times, assault your copy machine, kick over all the chairs in your office and run into the parking lot screaming.

Ok…are you back? Feel any better? No? Yeah me neither. It is truly unbelievable that the Tigers have decided to give Inge a role on this team. To make the team this year he was told he had to be able to hit. Somehow he actually got worse and finished the spring with a .180 batting average! And of course he was handed a job on this team. Leyland says he will start at second base and bat against left handed starters. Are you kidding me? Did I miss something here? When did Inge become an untouchable player? Why are the Tigers so lenient with such a terrible player? I feel bad for the other players who were told this was “an open competition”. For no logical reason at all the Tigers gave Inge a spot on the team. We can only hope and pray his usual poor play will force them to finally give him his walking papers. Right?

Comments (5)
  1. leslie says:

    maybe it is a little loyalty from a team that he has been with for years.

  2. Nate Burke says:

    inge is not a great player but dont treat him like he is the worst baseball player ever he will come in handy when prince cant play first base weather or not inge is on the team will not determine wheather or not we win a championhip remember when we brought wilson brtimit in he was terrible in the playoffs inge his a big homerun to tie a game against texas just lay off the guy

  3. robert says:

    No kidding, I will give the guy 2-4 weeks of real games before I say ok enough is enough….he is under contract till the end of this year..we are stacked otherwise..give him another shot and quit being such a negative Nancy!

  4. Andrew says:

    Santiago and Raburn should switch at 2B. When Raburn is not playing 2B, he should be at LF or DH switching with Delmon Young. Santiago can also play SS. Worth is another one that could be added to the list of either SS or 2B, I’d rather give the young guys a chance then have an unproven veteran who has a career OBP of .305 and an abysmal BA be anywhere near the field. I don’t see where there is any bit of need for Brandon Inge. Worst 5 million ever spent, but the mistake can be avenged by not playing him.

    How come you don’t see the Red Sox, Yankees, Rangers, or any other elite team having to deal with stupidity like this? GET RID OF INGE.

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