BIRMINGHAM (WWJ) – A teen group called BBYO is hosting a screening of “Bully” at the Birmingham Theater on April 17th.

“I wasn’t welcomed at church, I’m not welcomed at a lot of people’s homes, all they see is gay,” said one girl in the film Bully’s.


“Six older guys driving in a mom’s minivan – they were mostly jocks – I went in the road and instead of slowing down or stopping they sped up and flew onto the windshield,” nervously laughed another teen.

Nicole Goodman of teen group BBYO says they’re screening “Bully” because it’s a movie every teen should see about just how bad bullying can be.

“I think there is definitely a difference in just hearing it, and seeing it first hand – what can happen. You know they have footage from buses … where people didn’t know they were shooting, videos of administrators just being totally blind and they have the kids behind the scenes with their parents,” said Goodman. “It gives you a first hand glimpse.”

The movie “Bully” is being shown at the Birmingham Theater on April 17th. The movie  created a controversy over its ‘R’ rating and according to a 17-year-old Ann Arbor girl delivered a petition with more than 200,000 signatures to the Motion Picture Association of America asking that the rating be lowered.

“Those who are bullied need to see the movie. Those that bully need to see the movie,” said Katy Butler to WXYT.

She says she suffered from bullying after coming out as a lesbian in school.

A lower rating means that teens under 18 could see the film without the permission or being accompanied by a parent.

Comments (3)
  1. Bully Pulpit says:

    Bullyism is primary evidence of America’s growing aggression. We absolutely fight against each other far too much. This attitude continues from childhood to adult and into working relationships. You eventually see the corporate bully pushing their employees around. This is America’s self inflicted terrorism and one more reason why America needs to get smarter

  2. Christiaan Scott says:

    Now why would they rate this movie an “R” when the ones who need to see it are under 18? And one wonders why society is degenerating?

  3. Matt Firsten says:

    If you would like to attend the Birmingham screening information is posted on Facebook. Please join us on April 17th!

    Link to Facebook Event:

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