By: Khang Huynh

Audio of former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was released this past week revealing that he instructed his players to try and hurt the opposing team’s star players. He tells them to go specifically for their heads, acl’s and ankles. The audio also implies that they will be rewarded with money if they do so. I don’t have a problem with players hitting another player as hard as they can as long as it’s within the rules. But when you are being promised “bounty” money to try and hurt another player and “take him out of the game” that is crossing the line. Not only is it illegal it’s just wrong. The NFL is making an example of the New Orleans Saints and specifically Gregg Williams. After hearing the audio I’m not surprised at all Williams was suspended from the league indefinitely. In fact I’d be shocked if he were to coach in the NFL ever again.

You can listen to the audio HERE but it is NSFW Strong Language


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