Head outdoors for some warm weather fun and discover a few teachable moments that won’t make the kids feel like they’re doing homework.

Make an investigation of the types of vegetable plants or flowers that will grow in your backyard or garden. Is it shady or sunny? Have the kids take notes to figure out if your family should plant zinnias or geraniums – carrots or tomatoes.

Look up the types of plants in gardening books or catalogs. Think beyond the upcoming garden and consider the trees and shrubs that already grow in your yard. Make an arboretum to learn more about them.

Arboretums are places used specifically to study the trees and their surroundings. Have the kids figure out which trees and flowers exist there. Once they verify the variety and species they can make creative labels and stake them on weatherproof labels. Arboretums help horticulturalists educate the public about plant sciences and understand how plants grow.

Engaging in these nature-inspired activities just may unearth the family “green” thumb or even spark an interest that could lead to a your child’s future career.

Content provided by Oakland University.


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