Poll Shows Increased Optimisim Among Michigan Voters

DETROIT (WWJ) – According to a new statewide poll, many voters are feeling more confident about the current state of Michigan’s economy.

The recently released Epic MRA poll, which is taken from active and likely voters, revealed that 58 percent believe Michigan’s economy has bottomed out and is starting to improve. Another 44 percent felt that Michigan is on the correct path.

“Both the country and state are headed in the right direction when you look at the April survey results compared to previous months,” said Epic MRA President Bernie Porn.

Poll results also showed that 55 percent believe the country isn’t headed in the right direction. However, Porn said that the amount of positive support has still lead to an increase in the approval ratings for President Barack Obama and Governor Rick Snyder respectively.

“Among those people who say that the economy is improving, there’s a pretty solid lead for President Obama over Romney,” Porn said. Poll results show Obama with a four percentage point lead over potential Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney.

Despite the new found optimism among voters, Porn added that poll numbers could experience a significant drop if unemployment increases in the future.

  • johnboy6528

    I will support Obama , but I will not support any republican that is running for pres. they are the ones that have created this bad economy , Bush and the others have ruined this country giving tax breaks to the rich , and destroying the middle class and the poor :( BUSH ROMNEY AND SNYDER ARE BOZO’S

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