By Ron Dewey

ALLEN PARK (WWJ) – A road work sign that normally carries messages about construction projects or lane closures was plastered with a hateful message in the overnight hours.

State police said an unauthorized person took over the sign along westbound I-94 near Livernois before the Southfield interchange.

The message in lights made a reference to Trayvon Martin, the teen killed by a neighborhood watchman in Florida, and included a racial slur.

Michigan Department of Transportation spokesman Rob Morosi said that at around 1 a.m. Monday someone was able to get into the box attached to the portable sign and pull out the keyboard.

He said that whomever is responsible knew what they were doing.

“These signs, obviously, are in cabinets which someone has to break into. And then they have to be knowledgeable as to how to erase the message that’s on there, create a new message and activate it,” Morosi said.

Morosi said they sent a crew out to the scene to address the issue as soon as they learned of it. The sign is now back on message, warning drivers about a construction project ahead.

The WWJ newsroom had been receiving multiple calls about the message.

Area resident Ken Furgama of Melvindale wasn’t happy to hear about it.

“I’d just hope it was an isolated train of thought, you know, but I do believe there are a lot of ignorant people still out there,” he told WWJ’s Ron Dewey. “I’m just sorry it happened.”

Reverend Wendell Anthony, of the Detroit Office of the NAACP, said it didn’t surprise him.

“We know that we’ve got some foolish people in all communities, in all races, in all ethnicities. But it is up to us who are wiser, who know better, to stand up, speak out, call it out, and let’s try to fix it as long as we’re able,” Anthony said. “So, I am not discouraged. I am still very much encouraged.”

MDOT is investigating with the help of Michigan State Police.  Morosi said that whoever is responsible could face some pretty serious charges.

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Comments (284)
  1. liberty says:

    Ron, ignorance is the wrong word. Bigotry and stupidity would be closer to describing the type of person who does things like these.

    1. changomango says:

      So Trayvon was a bigot and stupid? He referred to himself in such terms!

        1. changomango says:

          I heard that term several times this morning listening to an African-American morning radio show. The DJ’s also argued among themselves over who was “dirtier” Mexicans or Indians!

          1. MTB says:

            Very good point. Apparently its only acceptable when used in conversation amongst blacks. However, when any other race uses it….it’s racists, bigotry, etc…

          2. DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH! says:

            Welcome to our

        2. Jeff S. says:

          Wasn’t Treyvon’s twitter handle “No_Limit_N*****” ?

          1. FedUp Florida says:

            Well, he got the last part right, and apparently there was a limit. Zim made sure of that. One less monkey to reach rape potential.

      1. Alan Hughes says:

        Well played!

    2. Dogstar says:

      how do you know a black person didn’t do it?

      1. Barry Olamadingdong says:

        Isn’t it a compliment if another brother calls him that?? I’m confused.

      2. jasperddbagghost says:

        …but hey, that never happens…

        Just like the cardboard cutout of Obama with rope fastened around….a part of it….was ultimately discovered to be the doing of a black person.

      3. Jim says:

        There was a case in East St. Louis last year where a guy wrote a letter demanding that the city get all of the black people out of his apartment complex or face violence. It was signed by the “KKK”. The local media decried the letters as proof of racism. When it was found out by local police that it was a black guy trying to stir up racial tension, the media dropped the story pretty quick. White racists exist, so I don’t want to pretend it can’t be one of those. But enough stories of fake effigies and racist letters have come out that I always question the knee jerk reaction.

      4. richhenk says:

        “…And then they have to be knowledgeable as to how to erase the message that’s on there, create a new message and activate it,” Morosi said.

        This is how I know.

        All joking aside I thought the same thing. It might not even be in the sense of ‘Trayvon is my N*****’ but rather by those in this country actively trying to start a race war.

      5. daveca says:

        …in an attempt to create an Agenda in Detroit with a large black population…

        No, radicals with an agenda would NEVER do such a thing.

        Maybe it was whoever NBC just fired.

      6. yankeefan says:

        break into something yea, reprogram a digital road sign, I doubt it.

      7. Jeff says:

        My thoughts exactly. We know for a fact that there are many bl*cks who would love to stoke the fire of hate. The Bl*ck P*nthers to mind.

    3. ThE ARBITER says:

      Most likely a “The Blaze” or “Daily Caller” or “Breitbart” fan, judging by the VAST quantity of racist hate spewed on those sites.

      1. Barry Olamadingdong says:

        Talk about ignorant!

      2. OUCK OFAMA says:

        Payback is a B***H sucka.

      3. Spanky Spankster says:

        Dems can’t win on policy or performance so they resort to slander, playing the race card, demonization, vitriol, hatred, fabrication, class conflict, etc..

        1. Dave-O says:

          You left out Voting Early and Often.

    4. Tasmanian_Devil says:

      No, it is called PAYBACK!

      For what Sharpton, Jackson and the Black Panthers sowed.

    5. Citizen Pain says:


    6. johnkmassage says:

      who in their right mind would back that sneak thief attacker. You put the S in Stupid. I bet you can’t even hold down a real job

    7. Alan Hughes says:

      What about the mass of blacks who actually kill people? Isn’t that a better example of hate?

  2. Steve says:

    I guess they didn’t have room for his Twitter name No_limit_Ni@@a

    1. Michael says: true…what a handle….no doubt he was a street thug…the media of course shows pics of him when he was around 12 before the tats and gold tooofs…

      1. Disco Harvey says:

        I think the correct word is toofuses, no toofs.

        1. Norbert G. Ginsel says:

          A grill, as in automobile grill. Bling fo’ yo’ mouf. It’s poof yo’ gots CLASS, man!

  3. Shepherd says:

    … and there is a possibility that this was done by dems operatives hoping to incite racial reactions. Never underestimate the race baiter.

    1. Steve says:

      …or a nameless NBC producer.

      1. aichtuttle says:

        Does Eric Holder have an alibi?

        1. Barry Olamadingdong says:

          “Does Eric Holder have an alibi?’

          He’s currently involved in operation “Black and Furious.” He’s not available for comment.

        2. changomango says:

          He was doing the First Hoo in the Rose Garden.

        3. changomango says:

          He was out on a booty call with Sandra Fluke.

  4. Steve says:

    Karl Rove was seen in the area just before the sign changed……

    1. changomango says:

      Funny how Karl Rove has never disparaged any minority group yet he’s hated by liberals and Joe Biden has furthered negative ethnic stereotypes on several occasions without a peep from the left.

      1. Barry Olamadingdong says:

        There you go — bringing facts into this…

      2. Rakes says:

        Bingo. The DNC is the largest group engaging in chronic abuse of double standards.

      3. kaycee says:

        Karl Rove hates white people.

      4. Jeff says:

        Please stop bringing facts into the conversation. It confuses many on the hateful left.

    2. Mike says:

      Maybe it was Marion Barry looking for some crack?

  5. changomango says:

    Who ever did this knew how to operate a keyboard and didn’t misspell a word, not even Trayvons name, must’ve been a young Obama zombie!

    1. Buck Farack says:

      You’re right. After all, just last week we learned how conservatives are stupid. Therefore they would never know how to do this.

    2. Barry Olamadingdong says:

      Yeah, I’m sure it takes an engineering degree from MIT to operate the thing…

      1. daveca says:

        ..not if State workers use it…

  6. Barry Olamadingdong says:

    Maybe it was the ghost of “No_Limit_Ni@@a”

  7. Tasmanian_Devil says:

    Probably MILD compared to what’s in store if the coloreds decide to riot in Florida!

    This kind of reaction is simply a reply to the bile spewed by Sharpton, Jackson and the Black Panthers.

    1. Spanky Spankster says:

      Maybe the Tea Party, too! And Reagan, Millard Fillmore, and Abraham Lincoln – they were all in on it!

  8. aichtuttle says:

    The bigots are almost exclusively on the Left in this case.

  9. OUCK OFAMA says:

    And the sign was RIGHT, in Trayvon’s own words! No_limit_Ni@@a

    New movement started by New Black Panther Party, it’s the Trayvon Martin Back to Africa Movement. Donations for the required ships being taken now!

    They want Obama to be their King.

    1. Kim Baliey says:

      No Here. They can have King Obongo in Africa and Queen the Mooch Mochelle.

  10. robertg says:

    Nice to see how the President has revived racism in this country with his divisive talk.

  11. Lotowndedayud says:

    Dogstar ? … your question …

    how do you know a black person didn’t do it?….

    MDOTs’ Rob Morosi answers you, please note

    then they have to be knowledgeable as to how to erase the message that’s on there, create a new message and activate it

    that elinates ChimpDom bro

  12. Joe Smitj says:

    If only there was an actual leader in this country to denounce the racial animosity the race hustlers are peddling, if only there was a leader to denounce the class warfare of a bunch of entitled communists at Occupy. Instead we have a race hustling, communist sympathizing, anti-American working overtime to drive this country apart into as many dependent groups as possible.

    It’s absolutely shameful what has happened to the office of President of the United States of America. I can honestly say I never thought I’d see a president act as sleazy and disgusting as this one has.

    1. kaycee says:

      Oh, I dont know. Reagan selling arms to Iran was pretty disgusting. Theres plenty of other things…including some of the actions of Obama. You should do some research.

      1. Saul says:

        Reagan never sold arms to Iran, twit. Israel did.

        1. kaycee says:

          LOL…keep telling yourself that you stupid American zombie.

      2. Desert Eagle says:

        Or maybe Jimmy Carter aiding the Afghans in ’79.

    2. daveca says:

      “Instead we have a race hustling, communist sympathizing, anti-American working overtime”

      And to prove your statement, Russian TV is now LYING about this incident too, and attacking NRA and Chuck Norris.

      Pretty lame.

  13. Blake says:

    Whoever did this will face serious charges, but the Black Panthers can put a bounty out on Zimmerman’s head and they continue to walk free. Ain’t America grand?

    1. daveca says:

      Whoever did WHAT?

      What laws were broken? B&E into a MACHINE?

      MAybe a little vandalism charge?

      Id think with the REAL crime in Rock City, theyd have other things to do.

      Notice who said “there would be serious charges”

      Someone named Morosi who has nothing to do with LAW enforcement.

      But apparently has an Agenda.

      Hell where Im from, if the sign said “cracker”, wed be out getting T shirts that said “im a cracker” and wearing them for fun.

  14. Steve says:

    It was Obama’s white half.

  15. ConanTheRepublican says:


    1. Kim Baliey says:

      Obama and Eric Holder are behind it. They want to create a race war to cancel the elections and declare Martial Law.

  16. luxomni says:

    False Flag. The person who did this is trying to make white people look bad.

  17. Mark Cask says:

    Is everyone here naive enough to believe this was done by a racist and not a race-baiter?

  18. Steve says:

    I didn’t think there were Republicans in Detroit.

    1. bob says:

      there aren’t, thats why detroit is going down the toilet.

  19. The Black Chef says:

    Dis place sho gone crazy!

    1. Moe says:

      Quiet, numbskull!

  20. rlwieneke says:

    All this Hatred against Blacks is the result of the Black Panthers, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton stirring up anger at racially tense social events. They should all be arrested and their organizations disbanded.

  21. Disco Harvey says:

    For those of you using the handle “NO_LIMIT_NI@@A,” be careful. His grieving young mother has trademarked that phrase. I believe you’ll owe her royalties if you aren’t careful.

    1. changomango says:

      Aaahhh, would that royalty be one crack rock or two?

  22. muhamed says:

    so someone from the black liberation theology, al sharpton or jacksons group, hijacked a sign and wrote a racist message to cause a firestorm. Yup, that sounds about right…or,maybe it was the black panthers.

    question though….if it would have ended in a, and not er, would have been cool and hip like the gangsta rappers use it?

  23. Kim Baliey says:

    Tryvon said so himself …He was the No LIMIT NI66ER so I don’t see why Ni66ers get upset when Eric”My People”Holder call Obama Ni66er and viceversa.

  24. BarneyCrush says:

    False flag almost certainly…and done by those looking to cause a race war….our President loves stuff like this; to prove how horrible whitey is and how terribly victimized blacks are…false flag….I really hope they catch the race baiters involved…but they won’t.

  25. TSV says:

    Actually Obama has more in common with Zimmerman than he does with Trayvon.

    Obama and Zimmerman are both half white.

    1. daveca says:

      ..and Obama is all pro-Hispanic, especially illegal ones.

      strange brew on this one.

      Someone had this all planned out and it backfired BIG TIME.

      They stepped in it with BOTH feet…

  26. Earnest T. Bass says:

    These road signs are easy to hack. Just google it.

  27. Earnest T. Bass says:

    Obama is a racist pig

    1. Barry Olamadingdong says:

      Great! Now were insulting pigs! Where will it all end?

  28. daveca says:

    Where Im from, and WHEN im from, people werent so thin skinned.

    They werent LOOKING for a crisis. especially a manufactured one.

    OK, so for equality, there should be another sign that says Zimmerman is a Cracker.

    OOPs… he want “whitey”

    Interesting how this manufactured race war backfired.

    with NBC and now Russian TV LYING about it, and Obama getting involved, TELL me this all wasnt set up..

  29. Steve says:

    I bet it was a Hispanic Democrat!!

  30. LorenzoLlama says:

    I will be a box of donuts that whomever “hacked” that sign is a desciple of Saul Alinsky and is TRYING to create racial strife. Racial strife gets the Revs Jackson and Sharpton paid. racial strife means voter turnout for Obama and Democrats. Read “Rules for Radicals”. The left is capable of absolutely anything.

  31. jerryg. says:

    Obama’s “plumbers” @ work. Oh, you thought only Nixon had them ?

  32. Steve says:

    Was the roadsign made by Halliburton????

  33. rodpeters says:

    Not sure what the problem is with this sign. Is stating facts publicly a crime now?

  34. KEVIN says:

    that word is used about 100 times in a single hiphop song. betcha is was one of them who did it.

  35. rosietheterrorist says:

    I just read on the blaze that a white CNN reporter, without any warning, blurted out the words “f—— n——” live on the air. I wonder how many homes that went into to?
    The Clintons were the first ones to bring up the fact that Obama wasn’t a natural born citizen, they said the birth certificate was a phony. Supposition is that they dropped it when Obama agrees to make her the Secy of State.

  36. Kim Baliey says:

    Patriots :; Do Not Act with Violence against Blacks.
    —The Community organizer is behind these marches and protests. Ha wants race War so he can cancel the Elections and Rule by Decree forever with Pelosi and Black Caucus in charge of Congress.
    Beware….and Be Smart!.

  37. bahiabob says:

    Bush did it!

  38. Fred Rick says:

    We all know a white man did this, cuz all minorities are just too stupid to do this job themselves.

  39. JamesDean says:

    Well what is he then?

    1. Jones says:


  40. supershwa says:

    There was an issue of 2600:The Hacker Quarterly that covered how to do this. The common “Caution – Zombies Ahead” message has been used over and over all across the U.S.

  41. beefrank says:

    Typical liberal tactics.

  42. John Freiheit says:

    I am tired of the doble standard. Chris Rock has a comedy routine he makes millions from that says there are two types of black people.. blacks and n******. And Trayvon himself and his friends referred to him as exactly that. So its ok for black people to use the term even on themselves… but if whites do its racist ? Sorry you played the race card one too many times. According to the definition established by Chris Rock.. and according to TRAYVON HIMSELF… he was in fact a N*****.

  43. Mike says:

    Distasteful perhaps, “hateful” not so much…

  44. WilliamPenn says:

    No one is allowed to know what the sign actually says because it contains “the word that is forbidden to be spoken.” It’s like something out of medieval sorcery.

    1. bob says:

      ” Lord Voldermort” ????

  45. Alan Hughes says:

    White folks are getting uppity! They are talking back! It’s good to see, keep it up.

  46. Stew says:

    This very well could have been carried out by some punks, anybody can Google the instructions for a construction sign HOWEVER, The Obama campaign has benefited very well by the TM case being pinned on whites It seems the Black community is so polarized now they would never vote for Romney,Hillary or any Ofay. Coincidence?

  47. JameT says:

    Funny this took place in the most segreated city in the entire US. A city that stated to burn itself down if external management is applied. Must be nice to be a lib. Go hope and change!

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