Tom Caviston is the owner of Quality Awning Shops in Lansing, a 101-year-old Michigan Company.

Caviston bought the company a few years ago and admits, his timing could have been better.

“My wife and I bought it January 1st of 2007 just in time to ride the wave to the bottom,” Caviston told WWJ Newsradio 950’s Marie Osborne. “But we’re getting there. It seems to me that the economy is turning around a little bit.”

The company makes commercial and residential awnings.

Caviston said he measures each job himself and then givers the information personally to his sewer. It’s a rarity in an age when usually numbers are just plugged into a computer and the awning is made somewhere else.

Caviston said he thinks his business ethic is also what has kept him afloat.

“Frequently I don’t take deposits and say, ‘Pay me when you’re happy,’ and they trip over themselves coming to pay me,” he said. “What keeps my doors open, I think, is just, from start to finish, customer service. Because you can’t buy that on the Internet.”

For more information on this Michigan company, visit this link.


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