By: Mike Valenti

I want blood. I know, I know, “That won’t happen Valenti, Wings don’t and won’t do it” but I don’t care!

Obviously I’m not getting what I want but I’m tired of trying to calm people down regarding this Shea Weber nonsense when in fact, they have EVERY right to be furious. Worst part of it is there will be no retribution, no payback, nothing.

Welcome to NHL 2012. A game defined by its violence and its “code” that now sports the worst thought out disciplinary process in all of sports. A game that once featured real tough guys, guys you wouldn’t so much as make eye contact with much less take a run at their teammate. Now? We get faux badasses who do whatever they like with little to no price to be paid…unless of course they really hurt someone bad.

Bettman lost me years ago…so did Charles Wang. Point remains, this sport needs a serious reality check into what its true fans want and need, not what some casual guy in Redondo Beach may fancy or tolerate.

Accept that the game will never compete with the NFL or MLB, embrace the unique aspects of it, cater to your fans and markets that matter, and just stop with the PC NBA approach Gary.
I’m sure tonight will be peaceful and fun. Hard played game and maybe just maybe a few “chippy” moments. I’m letting you know up front I’ll have the Islanders v Penguins bloodbath on continual loop next to me.


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