By Mike Campbell

INKSTER (WWJ) – While police are trying to figure out exactly what led to a shooting at an Inkster apartment complex, some neighbors are saying race may have been a factor.

WWJ Newsradio 950’s Mike Campbell said the shooting that left 26-year-old Robert Davis III in critical condition happened early Friday morning at Denby Terrace Public Housing Units on Moore Court, near Inkster Road and Michigan Ave.

Police were called to the complex after receiving a call of a gunman at a residence. According to Inkster Interim Police Chief  Hilton Napoleon, when the man was confronted by officers he raised a gun, prompting  them to draw their weapons and shoot.

Neighbor Aaron Prophit said he knows a little bit more about what happened.

“From what I understand, the young man who got shot got into it with somebody across the street, and whoever he was into it with, he left,” Prophit said. “This guy come out shooting up in the air, scaring folks I guess, and somebody called the police.

“He didn’t want to put his gun down and … that’s about how the cookie crumbles,” Profit said.

Members of the Coalition Against Police Brutality were on the scene interviewing residents, including one man who said the white officers were looking for trouble. He offered a different version of the morning’s events.

“They (police) was acting like they wanted to shoot somebody. That’s the way they was talking,” the man said. “So, when he came over here he walked right across the street and kicked the guy in the head — the officer — he kicked him right in the head when he was down on the ground.”

Napoleon refutes any claim that race was a factor.

“Race shouldn’t even be brought into this,” said Napoleon. “We know that the city of Inkster is a predominantly black community and you’re gonna have white officers that are going to be working in the community.

“This isn’t an issue of black and white.  This is an issue of right and wrong. He should not have been walking around with a semi-automatic pistol with a 30-round clip, shooting at police officers. That’s the bottom line,” he said.

Napoleon said officers acted appropriately.

inkster   robert davis iii Inkster Police Chief: Shooting Not An Issue Of Black And White

Robert Davis III (Supplied by Ron Scott)

“They (the Coalition Against Police Brutality) can look into it all they want. He fired at a police officer and there’s no doubt that he had a weapon because a weapon was confiscated,” said Napoleon. “So, he can go and make any assumptions and any innuendos that he wants, but this was justified.”

Davis was taken to the hospital and was last reported in critical condition. No police officers were injured.

Inkster Police and State Police are investigating.

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