By Ryan Wooley

By: Ryan Wooley

Another week and another dose of my weekly winners coming your way. I tried to avoid picking more than one local winner, but couldn’t pass up the two on my list this week.

As always, feel free to leave a comment below and let me know if you agree with my picks and who you would nominate if you think I missed anyone.

Trey Burke

um burke trey 3 15 12 getty Wooleys Weekly Winners

After flirting with the idea of turning pro, Burke finally made the decision to return to Michigan for his sophomore season. I think this was the right move for Burke because as good as he is; he wouldn’t pan out in the NBA at his current state. Plus, he is the glue to the Michigan basketball team making a run next year and another year of seasoning won’t hurt him as he eyes a career in the NBA.

Roger Goodell

rogergoodell Wooleys Weekly Winners

After handing down the harshest punishment the NFL has ever seen to New Orleans Saints head Coach Sean Payton, the NFL commish was tested after Payton appealed the decision. After considering the appeal, Goodell determined that the punishment fit the crime and upheld his original decision. I think Goodell made the right choice in the first place and only cemented the fact he is out for player safety by not allowing the appeal to reduce Payton’s one year suspension.

Todd Bertuzzi

wings bertuzzi todd getty Wooleys Weekly Winners

After Henrik Zetterberg had his head slammed into the boards in the loss to the Nashville Predators in game 1, Bertuzzi took matters into his own hands and sent a message to Shea Weber by fighting him. It’s sad that the NHL didn’t hand down a suspension for the hit and instead gave a measly $2500 fine, but hats off to Bertuzzi for not only sending the message to not mess with the Wings skill players, but also give some much needed energy to the team.

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