By g) Mike Valenti

By: Mike Valenti

Tonight’s Game 4 will decide a lot more than just this series (yes I believe that), but it also could decide what the Red Wings look like as we head into 2013.

First of all regarding tonight deciding the series, let me explain that comment. I simply don’t believe the Wings can recover from a3-1 deficit to this Nashville team. Just don’t see it. I also don’t think the Preds will be able to take 2 out of 3 against this Wings team in a high pressure spot. If the Preds want it, get it done tonight. Again, no absolutes, it’s just my take. I wouldn’t bet against the Wings in a Game 7 and if I’m Nashville, I don’t even want to ponder playing it. If the Wings come out of this 2-2 I believe they have the upper hand.

As far as tonight deciding the future of the Wings it’s very simple. Lose and this series is likely over. That would be three straight early playoff exits and full 4-years since hoisting the Cup. In other words, it’s over. Could the Wings re-tool this summer, add Parise and Suter and make a Cup run? Sure, it’s possible. But for me, I think more needs to be done. What exactly that is? Not sure. I’d simply take the following approach. Listen to every offer, no sacred cows, think outside the box. In the end maybe no team offers anything compelling for any of your big guns, but I would, for the first time I’d listen. Long contracts or not, give it a try Kenny. If they lose this series I want a shakeup.

On the other hand, win tonight; go on to win this series and who knows what can happen. The Canucks are all but dead, Blues far from proven and the Kings? You could easily see this team make a surprise run. Win the Cup? Doubtful. But make it far enough to justify holding tight and signing Suter and Parise? Yes.

Is this a bit overdramatic? Yeah. Sorry, it’s how I am. I just think a lot rides on tight and this series. Should be a fun watch.


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