By: Theron Dahlerup

Ghostbusters Proton Pack

I love seeing people get creative and build things from movies and games. A few weeks ago I posted a picture from a guy who built a full suit of armor from the game Skyrim. This week the guys over at Viking Props have put up an $850 Ghostbusters Proton Pack replica. Now while that is way out of my price range, I love the idea. The detail in the gun’s lighting effects is awesome. I love collecting little things like these to put in my mancave. For my 25th birthday a buddy got me 2 custom made lightsabers. Check out some pictures of the Proton Pack over Esty’s website.

Esty – Ghostbusters Proton Pack

Here is a video of the pack

The Millennium Falcon Lives In Pennsylvania

I take you to Allentown Pennsylvania to Parkland High School were from the Google Maps image below someone is a HUGE fan of Han. The aerial shot of the school and it’s many parking lots, looks like the Millennium Falcon.

MC Is Coming Back

November 6th, that’s the only day that matters to some X-Box users. This will be the day that tons of people will use a sick day so they can eat nasty microwaved food, sit around drinking Red Bull and not shower. It may also be the day that may relationships will end because this is the day that Halo 4 will be released. Get ready though it may be a different type of game now that Master Chief has a new developer under the hood. Enjoy this video that shows Master Chief handling some businesses.

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