GRAYLING, MI — (WWJ) As we begin to see the yearly migration “up north” for summer recreation, some people will be heading in that direction for a different kind of summer camp.

Retired cancer surgeon Arthur Weaver’s health camp has become a yearly tradition. It’s an opportunity for people to get out of town for a week and rid themselves of some bad habits.

‘They can have a health vacation, learn how to lose weight, get on their exercise program, and at the same time have fun with a bunch of other people who are making positive lifestyle changes,” said Weaver.

This year’s health camp will be held from May 13-20. For information you can call 248 349-5683.

Weaver spent a long career operating on people who had various forms of cancer. But, he’s often said that he feels his camp saved more lives than his scalpel. The retired doctor says he’s lost track of how many people have been through the camp over the decades.

“Well we’ve been doing it for about thirty five years,” he said. “It would be in the thousands.”

Weaver charges $495 for the camp, which covers the costs. He says they keep the costs down by relying on volunteer help. But, the volunteers are health care professionals.

“We have exercise physiologists, nutritionists. And they all donate their time, so you can have a very economical vacation. And, there’s a lot of fun up there as well.”

The week long event is held on a camp site near Grayling. So, they have the typical camp-style recreation, which includes horseback riding, canoeing, go-carts, and long walks.

There are no age limits.

“At any age they can benefit by making lifestyle changes.”

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