Long before Dan Brown’s book, The Da Vinci Code, put the spotlight on Leonardo da Vinci, the artist, inventor and scientist had secured a spot in history for his life work.

His birthday this month – April 15 – is the perfect time to learn a few things about the man who gifted the world with the “Mona Lisa.” As an artist apprentice in Florence, Italy, da Vinci outshined his master when he painted just one angel in “The Baptism of Christ.”

Da Vinci remained left handed during a time when lefties were forced to use their right hand. His writings were written backwards and could only be deciphered using a mirror. At a time when artists could barely earn a living, he adjusted his drawing skills to architecture and engineering to support himself.

Da Vinci had the brains to match his drawing talents and created inventions ranging from a helicopter to waterwheels. Scientifically, da Vinci wrote volumes about anatomy and the mysteries of flight.

Students of science, engineering and art – da Vinci’s contributions will fascinate you for he was a Renaissance man with a vision way before his time!

Content provided by Oakland University.


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