By: Eric Thomas

Brandon Inge is having a bad season so far. You could trot out any amount of numbers, they are all bad. No one is going to say that Inge deserves to be on the Tigers roster based on recent performance. In fact, based on his recent performance, many people would not want him on their beer league softball team.

But the fans at Comerica Park booing the guy have been pigs. There is absolutely no excuse for that. It is fine to get on your stupid blog and say the guy’s career is going into the sunset but there is no reason for you to boo the guy at every turn. You don’t have to buy his jersey or cheer him, but you are making a bad situation worse and that is why I call you a pig.

It’s perfectly acceptable to call the station and rip the guy, write an email, make a video ripping the guy. But whatever happened to time and place? Whatever happened to common decency? It seems that the cordialness that was normally reserved for internet chat boards has now spread out of the basement and that in and of itself is a disappointing development.

The internet culture has spread the prevalence of criticism. It doesn’t matter who you are and what you do, there is a subset of interest in being critical of it. If there is a video on YouTube of a guy playing guitar with a cat’s tail, within three comments there is a “this guy stinks” comment on it.

It’s pathetic and anonymous. The internet critics and the boo birds in the stands may claim that they are boldly pointing out inconsistencies, but they hide behind a level of anonymity so as to obfuscate the bias of the person saying it and that renders their criticisms abrogate. But no person in sports has ever gotten it as bad as Brandon Inge. He is booed mercilessly at his home park. His sin? He wants to keep playing for your favorite team.

I am with you. The guy should be hitting. His current performance should make him a Mud Hen for the remainder of his life. But what is accomplished by giving it to the guy? What purpose does booing the paint off the wall serve? Does it make you feel better? He is going to lose confidence and be even more apt to make a mistake! Do you really think that he is more likely to go away if you actively root against him? You have been doing it for two years now, how has it gone? I don’t like Brandon Inge at all but I hope he does well when he is in the lineup because I am a Tiger fan!

Of course these questions are ridiculous. To try and climb into the syphilitic mind of a Brandon Inge obsessed hater is an exercise in futility. I should not even try to assume that these people are thinking anything out. They are merely sheep that are standing up and bleating.

Instead of “booing” you should stand up and say “baa” because you are simply trying to align yourself with a flock. You are a bully, nothing more and nothing less. You add nothing by booing Inge at the ballpark; you are just trying to be one of the cool kids who give wedgies to the kid that you see as vulnerable. Stop thinking that you are special or brave if you go after Inge because you are common. We all can see that the guy isn’t doing well, don’t think that you are special because you are pointing it out. Wanting credit for criticizing Brandon Inge is like pointing out that LeBron James is “good at basketball”.

Brandon Inge will go away normally just like every single baseball player before him. Your bell aching and grousing will only serve to call attention to yourself, and that’s all you really wanted anyway.


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