madden13 Calvin Johnson Is The Madden 13 Cover BoyThis is either going to make Lions fans really happy or really disappointed — Calvin Johnson will grace the cover of Madden 13 after beating out the Panthers QB Cam Newton.

More than 20 million football fans voted for the player they wanted to see on the coveted cover of the newest Madden video game, and the Detroit Lions’ wide receiver is the man.

“I’m shocked … shocked,” said Johnson, after hearing the news. “Just to see yourself on this Madden, seeing all the guys that’ve been on this years before? Come on, man.”

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the Madden Curse, and if you haven’t then read all about it HERE.

Last week Newton went to YouTube to promote himself and tout why he should be the cover athlete. It didn’t look like Newton was afraid of the curse.

Calvin was asked about the Madden curse and he said he’s also not afraid of it. “No. You do what you gotta do.  There won’t be no jinx.”

Earlier this week he said, “I’m not a big guy for curses and I don’t even think about it. It’s not surprising because you’ve been hearing about the curse forever. It doesn’t surprise me; I hear about it from the fans.”

Luckily for Calvin, one of the only players who didn’t get injured or have a down season after gracing the Madden cover was another WR, Larry Fitzgerlad. And it is a big win: Calvin had to defeat the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Dwane Bowe, Arian Foster and Rob Gronkowski to get the coveted cover. The slimmest margin of victory for Johnson was the victory over Rodgers in the semi-finals where he got 67 percent of the vote.

The question is now: Are you are happy Megatron won the vote of the people to be on the cover of Madden 13? Let us know below in comments if you think Calvin will now be cursed — or if this is just a bunch of nonsense.

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