DETROIT (WWJ) – Detroit police chief Ralph Godbee and other members of the department met with members of the community in southwest Detroit Monday night.

WWJ’s Beth Fisher reports that the community meeting also discussed ways to return criminals back to the community in a positive way.

Some ex-cons in the Chance For Life program talked about how Detroit police officers have helped them.

Career criminal Calvin said since getting out of jail, Detroit police pick him up and take him to the program sessions.

“Like when they pull up in front of my house – they would be in this big old truck and everybody on the block wondering what are they doing at Calvin’s house today? Usually, they would be coming to arrest Calvin (audience laughs) … what are they doing here today? …. I am very grateful and I’m happy when I see them pulling up in front of my house,” said Calvin.

The Chance For Life program is funded by a federal grant, and it supports getting jobs for people like Calvin.

“It’s a program that’s dealing with ex-offenders – offenders that are in transition – offenders that want to change. It’s dealing with people who could be an asset to the community instead of a liability,” said Calvin.


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