DETROIT (WWJ) – It’s been two years since Michiganders have been able to smoke in the state’s bars and restaurants, but there are efforts to expand those who are free of the state’s smoking ban.

Talking to WWJ NEwsradio 950, State Representative Lisa Howze of Detroit said there are several groups looking for a way around it.

“Some of the most recent reports came out were about certain charitable organizations that have had these ongoing fundraisers and a part of the culture, if you will , at those events would include smoking,” Howze said. “So they’re trying to create some loopholes there. But … the concern is once you start to carve out for one group then another group is going to arise as well.”

In addition to the proposed charity exemption, a Senate bill introduced last year would allow smoking in enclosed, separate rooms and outdoor patios of eateries.

Howze said she’s among those who like the ban the the way it is.

“You know, I enjoy a smoke-free environment personally (laughs), so if you’re asking me personally, then I enjoy going to restaurants or going out with friends and not coming home and smelling like smoke,” she said.

Casinos, cigar bars, and tobacco specialty shops are already exempt from the state smoking ban.

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