By: Mike Stone

Stoneys Six Pack

1. No, Delmon Young did not kill anybody. However I think the Tigers response to the incident is to quote the blowhard from the movie “Animal House” Douglas C.Needermyer, worthless and weak. The Tigers as of now have not made any statement concerning the hurt many of their Jewish fans have felt over the incident. By not acknowledging the concerns of a certain part of their fan base is shortsighted, especially considering the history of the ball club. Hank Greenberg was arguably the 2nd greatest Tiger ever and the greatest Jewish player ever. The Tigers themselves have always been supportive of both the annual Hank Greenberg Memorial Golf Tournament and the Michigan Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. The Tigers owe it to themselves and all of their fans to condemn Young’s alleged ethnic slurs.

2. I may be in the minority but I am hoping the Los Angeles Kings represent the Western Conference in the Stanley Cup Finals. While it may be true that the care level of hockey is behind beach volleyball in Los Angeles, the Kings have been part of the NHL since 1967 and would be great for the sport in that neck of the woods. They are a fun team to watch with a great goalie in Jonathon Quick, a top flight young defenseman in Drew Doughty and a potential superstar in Anze Kopitar. When you add the grit of guys like Willie Mitchell and Matt Greene you have the makings of a complete team. Their playoff run has already led to over 2,000 season ticket deposits for next season.

3. My man Octavio Dotel continues to be the man in the Tigers bullpen. He has pitched 8 2/3 innings and has not been scored on. He has struck out 10 batters while walking just 2. I know it’s early, but shouldn’t he get a more significant role at least until Joaquin Benoit gets his act together.

4. The NBA’s biggest nightmare, ok my biggest nightmare is about to happen. Yes, the Miami Heat are going to win the NBA title. With the injury to Derrick Rose, the Heat will be hard pressed to lose 3 games until getting to the NBA Finals. LeBron James is playing at the highest level in his career and unless either he or Dwyane Wade gets hurt, the Eastern Conference playoffs will be a case of the varsity against the JV. For those like myself and Fox 2’s Dan Miller who believe in ABM(Anyone But Miami) we have to hope that either the Spurs, Thunder, or maybe even the Lakers can somehow derail Miami. I think Oklahoma City has the best chance. They can score on anyone and I do not think they are intimidated by anyone.

5. One question. If the Lions selected Dwight “Bill” Bentley in round 2 and Ryan Broyles in round 3, would Lions fans feel differently about the draft? I know I would. The use of a second round pick for Broyles made no sense to me, but I would not have been that ticked if he was a third round pick. Makes little sense, but that’s what makes us crazy fans.

6. I was surprised the Lions did not select David Molk in the 7th round. For a team whose center is in the autumn of his career, Molk would have been a good prospect to learn from and backup Dominic Raiola.


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