By: Khang Huynh

10. Things Brandon Inge will say next: “I would announce my retirement on December 21st, 2012, but I don’t want to take any attention away from the end of the world.” Tony @ work

9. Things Brandon Inge will say next… “I’m only in Oakland to inspire, co-write, produce, and co-star in Moneyball 2” Sean, Warren

8. Every ball I hit in the home run derby was a home run…but the wind was blowing

7. Like I said before, my heart will always be with the tigers. In fact, even though I’m with the A’s now, when I’m elected to the hall it will be as a tiger –Joel

6. I won’t show up when the A’s play the Tigers so I don’t take attention away from Principal Fielder…Kevin from R.O.

5. Inge: “It’ll be nice to share third base with Miguel at this year’s all-star game.”

4. Things Brandon Inge will say next? Can you imagine what would of happened if I’d punched that fire extinguisher? Seriously, have you seen my arms? Scott

3. Brandon Inge… “I was going to help Obama take care of Osama bin laden but last year Obama wouldn’t let me be an everyday Marine. Andrew

2. Inge: The only reason why I couldn’t hit for the Tigers is because Comerica Park is a pitcher’s park. John

1. Brandon actually requested Tigers release him so he can move to UP and become the Governor of newly formed State of Ingeiana. DAVE IN MEMPHIS


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