By Jeff Riger

By Jeff Riger

Friday afternoon Tigers outfielder Delmon Young sat in the team’s dugout and gave the media the apology many fans might have been waiting for. While Young could not get into the specifics of what happened in Manhattan, he did acknowledge that he is responsible for poor decision making and that if he did not drink that night then he would not be going through the situation. Young also admitted that he has been enrolled in an alcohol treatment program that he started last week.

Below are some of the interesting quotes from Young…

Young started his media session with an apology…
“I would like to apologize to everyone that has been affected by this situation, my team mates, the Tigers organization, the Ilitch family, Major League baseball and anyone who has been offended by my actions.” “I put myself in a bad situation and I have no one to blame but myself. I am currently getting treatment in an alcohol program through Major League baseball. All the things people are saying about representing me, I made a lapse in judgment, but I can tell you that I am not anti-Semitic.”

Young on the incident…
“That incident was alcohol related incident and I know for a fact that I would not be here in front of you guys if I didn’t have too much to drink or I just didn’t go out and drink at all. I know that for a fact.”

Young on reaching out to the Jewish Community…
“I talk to Rabbi Bennet and we had a great conversation, it went really well and I’m looking forward to doing stuff with him in the near future when we get off the road trip.”

Young on winning fans back…
“I hope that after a while that they (the fans) can see that person that is being portrayed wasn’t who I am and it’s not what I stand for. I know it’s going to take a while; you can’t smooth these things over and convince anyone after just one speech. Just have to go out there every day and be a positive influence.”

Young on his brother Dmitri saying he feels responsible for Delmon’s actions…
“These are my actions, you are your own person, you make your own decisions so what Dmitri did in his life and career doesn’t affect me.”

Young on being perceived as an anti-semitic
“That’s the toughest part, just being branded raciest or a bigot, especially when that’s just not me. I have got a lot of diverse friends and live in a diverse area and that’s not me and my character.”

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