By: Theron Dahlerup

It’s Avenger’s Time!

There is nothing in the world of geek that I am looking forward to more than this movie. Screw the iPhone 5, iPad 3, any PS3 game… Nothing! But, I am sad on this glorious day because I am not as smart as Anthony Le, who may the world’s best male Cosplayer. Check out his automated Iron Man mark VII costume! I am so jealous right now.

Anthony has a ton of other designs; you can check them out here. [link –

These Blogs Are Making Me Hate Myself

I think I may telling myself subconsciously that I need to go back to school or something because I feel even dumber after seeing this video on the web this week. Say hello to YouTuber Dereklmy, he is a freshman at the University of California Berkeley. He didn’t like the concrete cells they call dorms there, so he decided he was going to upgrade it. So “Derek” made the entire dorm room AUTOMATED, that’s right, AUTOMATED with features from voice controlled lights to automatic blinds to strobe lights and even a romantic mode for when he brings a lady back to the room. Check out the video below skip ahead a little bit to see the really cool features.

Winter Is Here!

All of the Game of Thrones fans out there will enjoy this. A guy by the name of Adam WarRock who is hailed on the internet as the “best comic rapper” was being harassed by the internet to make a “Game of Thrones” track. So after loading up on the entire 1st season over a weekend this is what he came up with. I must say, it’s pretty damn catchy.


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