DETROIT (WWJ) Didn’t get your fill of all the delicious food and culture that is Cinco de Mayo on Saturday? You’re in luck, because Detroit has something else up its sleeve.

The annual Cinco de Mayo parade is set for Sunday, which means you get another whole day to enjoy margaritas, tacos, festive music and more. The southwest Detroit Cinco de Mayo parade includes numerous food and souvenir vendors — as well as live entertainers. The parade kicks off at noon at Patton Park and the festivities continue until 8 p.m.

“We have several vendors with Mexican artifacts, we have people from Chicago, Grand Rapids and Detroit area, all selling fantastic merchandise, mexican hats, beads, … moroccas, you name it, it’s here,” said Gloria Rocha, vice president of the Mexican Patriotic Committee of Metro Detroit.

The party started in southwest Detroit Saturday with a street festival at Bagley and 21st — and it just keeps going.

Rocha talked about the popularity of Cinco De Mayo in America, saying it’s more popular here than in Mexico. And it’s beyond popular in metro Detroit.

“The United States has taken it on as being one of America’s celebration, too, every bar, restaurant, store has Cinco De Mayo sales just like they have President’s Day sales,” Rocha said. “I think that it has become much more celebrated in the United States than it is in Mexico.”

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