By: Terry Foster

I was in Ohio Sunday for one of Celine’s soccer games and by the time I got on a computer late afternoon there were tweets and emails about Brandon Inge. He hit a three-run home run and knocked in four runs to lead the Athletics to victory over the Tampa Bay Rays. And now people question if the Tigers made a mistake in releasing Inge.

Stop it.

It was time to move on. You know it. The Tigers knew it and even Inge knew it. He was getting swallowed up in Detroit. Fans were booing him. Columnists (me included) were calling for him to leave. It was not going to work out no matter what. Sometimes you need a change of scenery. Inge needed it. We needed it.

Now let me give you some fuzzy numbers. Despite his heroics Inge is still batting just .174 with the A’s. That followed a .100 batting average with the Tigers. Inge does just enough to keep himself in the news. He made headlines here and he made headlines on the west coast. There is just something about Inge. How many guys can continue to be heroes batting below .200?

There are people in Detroit following his every move.

When he retires Inge should run for president. He keeps himself in the news and won’t have to do much to peak our interest.

I wish him well. He is a swell guy. But the bottom line is he should not be with the Tigers. Let him be. Let’s move on and focus on more serious matters.

How can we get Jose Valverde to pitch better?


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