DETROIT (WWJ) – The Michigan Coalition Project, a local offshoot of the Occupy movement, played a game of human Monopoly in the lobby of Bank of America in the Guardian Building to protest greed.

They want banks like Bank of America, which received bailout money, to work with struggling homeowners.

Protester Tommy Nugent of Dearborn Heights says he owes $50,000 more than his home is now worth.

“And they have ignored our – when we have submitted paperwork, we have applied three times, and been ignored twice and refused once. So that’s why there are a bunch of us – a lot of people like me think that America needs to do the right thing and provide relief,” said Nugent.

“Bank of America you’re a thief, the people demand mortgage relief,” was the chant inside.

“I bought a modest 1,200 square foot house 10 years ago and I’ve been paying on it for 10 years and now it’s worth almost $50,000 less then (what I paid),” said Nugent. “I’m kind of trapped – I can’t move because the debt will follow me and I don’t want to trash my credit rating … so I just keep paying money into this black hole to Bank of America.”

Bank of America had no comment on the protest. The group plans more protests before the bank’s shareholders meeting Wednesday.


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