WINDSOR (WWJ) – It’s been more than week, but Windsor police say they’ve had no luck so far in getting back a $20,000 diamond swallowed by a suspected jewel thief.

Staff Sergeant Dave Kigar says 51-year-old Richard Matthews admitted he swallowed the loose diamond after he aroused the suspicion of the clerk at Precision Jewelers.

“Well, this has been eight days now; waiting for these little gems to come through his system, which you would think would pass sooner,” said Kigar.

“He’s been through different processes at the hospital, he’s had some assistance from some laxatives and medical experts decided that maybe that wasn’t the route to go – so they’ve suggested other diets including protein to get things moving,” he said.

Krigar says an ultrasound Friday afternoon showed the diamond is still there…along with a cubic zirconia Matthews also swallowed.

Police say Matthews brought the zirconia to the store in an attempt to switch it out.

Matthews remains in police custody.

Forensic experts have been assigned the unenviable task of searching for the evidence.


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